[] Uroboruuk Drain Essence Spellbinder CR 5:20/ SR 110/ Ravager

Why’d you use Reckless Power instead of Harbinger of Souls, when Drain Essence is Aether/Vitality and the Uroboruuk set gives huge bonuses to Vitality damage? I run a Diviner set Spellbinder character now and while the main damage dealers are Reap Spirit and Devastation there, I did have to use Drain essence a lot as my main attack while getting to those two. Anyhow, Reckless Power gives you Fire Damage you don’t need but otherwise does much the same as Harbinger of Souls which you’d be better off with.

Because …

read complete set bonus

Ah I did not know the full set does that. Never mind! But then why does the set has so many vitality bonuses? Those would not apply after all the Vitality is already converted to Aether, no?

I also found Mark of Torment to be not that useful to be worth putting this many points in. Most enemies won’t live long to deserve using it, and with bosses you’d want to stay far away, and that thing breaks easily if you move away from them. I rather focus on Mirror of Ereoctes and passive skills.

And why put points in Overload? For the Aether resistance? It just adds burn/freeze/electrify damage.
And offensive ability you already get from better skills like Inner Focus. I’d put those into Conversion instead. Reduced stun is always needed for puny casters.

And since you only seem to use Ravenous Earth for triggering a proc celestial skill, why put so many points in it, it doesn’t do much damage with this build. Use Devastation instead since you have high Aether damage.

Because you are not forced to use the full set. You can get 1 or 2 set bonuses without converting the damage, if you want to.

Overload gives OA and Aether resistance, it’s a good pick if you want some extra damage and better aether overcap.

Ravenous Earth’s points are invested into Decay, which makes sense because it gives to the skill a 20% enemy damage reduction. Pretty big survivability boost imho. You can decide to invest a bit less until the diminishing return hits (8/12 Decay is usually the sweet spot) but 12/12 is a solid pick.


@BB_Shockwave he does SR75-76 EASY and you did not even know that Uroboruk set gave full vit to aether conversion… I would not provide “suggestions” if I were you :stuck_out_tongue: but hey its good to ask stuff anyways

Inner focus is already maxed here anyway so ofcourse you wanna pump overload.

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@mares You are totally right mate, I made some fast tests. Thank you very much for this suggestion! I’ve edited GT in OP. Sometimes I am so bad on minmaxing :rofl:

@BB_Shockwave Djnat and Malawiglenn explained everything before I had time to do it :wink:


In my opinion it’s not bad to write opinions and suggestions even if they are wrong in some aspect because then we can discuss about it and eventually correct it so people can improve - even these who just read forum without writing. The more discussion we have the better!


@malawiglenn I been playing the game since Alpha. I don’t care about shattered realm levels and such because for me that is not the focus of the game - if it was, I’d still be back playing Diablo 3 rifts - I am just wondering about some choices. I frankly find offensive ability pumping overrated. I like builds that have many skills and are fun to play, not a 2-button click grind machine geared for attack. I dunno about Ravenous Earth’s damage reduction being that useful for this much skill investment, frankly Ill Omen does all that AND slows enemies and confuses them.
And yes, did not know about that conversion for Uroboruuk’s set. I been playing a long time but still have not completed it. Sue me.

Great job Alkamos! Really nice seeing peeps reviving old builds that were once gone, especially unbuffed/unbannered! I myself had a vid of a run done a couple of days ago and a recent one on pure vitality too! Here’s mine for what’s worth it in terms of setups/devos/skill points distribution.

Bonus Vitality sucks:

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But Ill omen spreads very bad, until this is fixed - Decay is superior devoproccer and dmg red compared to Ill omen. 20% dmg reduction is a pretty big deal.

You are of course free to do that :slight_smile: add devastation if you want!

the posted build already have MoE to 15/12 which is max with the gear being used.

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Thank you! Good job on these sub-6 runs, I would know these are your build just only from GT links - this 2k DA style is pretty unique :sweat_smile: Did you consider using Aetherfire binded to DE in your aether version? Valinov posted above his setup from older patch, it should works nice too.
Something like that: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwEnoq2

@BB_Shockwave I don’t like Ill omen personaly, 3 seconds duration with 5 seconds cooldown and it’s worse devotion proccer imo.

hi, can you level up with drain essence?

Hello, you can level up with any skill but with DE it’s better to do that with vitality damage because you will not get conversions before endgame.

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Galakros Dread Plating are available at level 40, Deathbringer Raiment at level 30, Chains of Ygraad at level 50, Fleshwarped Tome at level 40, Dismember Stone at level 50, but who da hell has those items at such low level anyways :rofl:

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Okay, so you can start with aether, should be easy on normal.

I don’t have much knowledge with leveling because I am always doing it with just lokarr set + wilhelm amulet, no components and auguments, just grab all tanky items to cover resistances and speedrunning it. I’ve never focused on more deep aspect of it :grinning:

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Another great build @AlkamosHater!

Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, aetherfire directly to DE is cool too and definitely great at clearing. Only reason i kept widow on DE in the end was to have insta RR against bosses, nothing else. I think its worth trying an apostate too tbh. Might fair better with the extra OA and RR.

You’ll have some energy problems.

How’s an apostate gonna have extra oa over the binder?

My build was closer to 530ish… But that was before the seal RR nerf. I imagine I could squeeze more damage to make up for it on my version

deadly aim ofc and more crit damage too since you have a seal.

Everything is possible :D. I didn’t try too hard with it tbh. Just wanted to see how it fairs :D.

Ill Omen needs fixing? First time I heard that. Works fine for me - like the infection explosion palm strike in Diablo III, it spreads nicely among enemies. The trick is to put it on a strong one that is not killed fast by the damage so it can spread it among them. The confusion even works on some bruiser/tank enemies like Yeti that’d be aa pain otherwise to handle up close.
Btw I put the Imp’s Aetherfire as the proc skill for Drain Essence. It creates a ton of Aether pathes under enemies and it seems to often confuse the pathfinding of some enemy types - especially fast rusher once like Boars or Eldritch Mongrels - who will try and backtrack around the aether patches and run into each other, thus it is a good defensive too.

Yes I saw. I meant I am myself debating whether I need both maxed. Torment does not seem to be as powerful or useful. Maybe it works better on higher levels, I will see… My character is still just level 72.

The good thing about it is you don’t have to aim it much. Throw it on the strongest enemy and let it spread. It often takes out half a group who wander aimlessly or attack each other. I have Twin Fangs procced with it, and it auto-aims at each one that triggers it, which is nice.