[] Uroboruuk Drain Essence Spellbinder CR 5:20/ SR 110/ Ravager

Ill Omen at 10 / 10 lasts 5 seconds, which is on par with its base cooldown if you have 0 CDR tools.

Since in this build we’ve got some CDR + Eternity + Aeon it should be up 100% of the time.

And it’s not that bad as a devotion proccer, I used it on my panetti aether spellbinder and worked just fine.

You mean Deadly Aim with 18% oa 55-60% of the time versus 13%+ 176 oa all the time? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Before you answer, no, Eternity should have little impact on Deadly Aim uptime as it has inconstant cooldown (meaning when it’s active there is no cooldown for Eternity to affect)

Seal plus Deadly Aim also nets a bit less crit than arcanist if you consider uptime.

i would sacrifice that oa uptime for the extra RR, insta heal and racial damage bonuses :D. Also seal is a nice addition considering we channel.

Probably a noob question, but why are time dilation and raise the dead devotions not bound to any skills? What should they be bound to?

Sometimes devotion skills seem to disapear after updateing gt link.
Time dilation - Callidor’s Tempest
Raise the dead - Aether corruption

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Can some one tell what to go first in lvling new char (first time in game)? Skills, devotion…thanks!

Have coped with my question) by using arcanist’s callidor tempest and elem exchange, now trying to max DE with aether dmg… Don’t understand why I should converse vitality to aether

This build works after you got required items in endgame. If you just start with GD I suggest to follow this guide:

It’s very detailed from one of our best beginner’s guides creator.
Remember you can respec your character very easy without much costs (like in PoE or D2 as example) so do not be afraid of experiment, it’s impossible to destroy your efforts :wink:

Updated build, it’s faster and more durable now. I am a little bit burned out so skipped content like ex crucible or Mogdrogen.


Buff Train 1.1.9 comming through :train2: cho cho

Yes, it should be faster now but no changes are needed in build :smile:

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Binder 4 life!

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Neat build! But…
I should to write a letter:
“Dear Z! Why do u hate AAR\PRM\FOI\put anytin aether so much? Why did u kick em to the ground? We dont want play ONLY drain builds, we need a choice while killing ravager\crate. Thanks.”

edit: added FoI and others :smiley:

Do not forget FoI :wink:

how does drain essence compare to calidors tempest from a damage output perspective?

I think CT has slight more damage potential, DE has more lifeleech altough.

Thanks for the response. A slight difference can be ignored. I started with a CT build but then it means I overcommit myself going into melee range. DE potentially will allow me to kite in battles where I cant face tank.

Also, does the grimtool remain unchanged for 1.1.9?

Yes, GT is same for 1.1.9 but it’s stronger now - DE itself was buffed last patch.

Maybe this is the parkinglot for my Pannetti Aether Binder…
Tried to tease @Superfluff to take up the challenge, but Ather Panettis seams to be a dead end… (No necrophilia here!..)

Old, but certainly can be updated/tweaked to current patch. It was around 5 the last time I dusted it off in 1.8