Fun Hardcore Challenge For New Players

Are you a masochist like me and enjoy the most rediculous challenge possible? Do you smile when your HC ARPG character dies 60 lvls in? Did you ever kill a high lvl HC avatar because you felt he was doing too well? (ok this one might be only me).

This will not apply to probably 90% of people reading this but if your new to the game (or for future games) hear me out.

It is very easy to go online and search for what resistances are best for an act or what builds work well in a game. That does not seem hardcore to me at all. Stay away from any guides or calculators or tips and tricks and create your first character in the game a hardcore one on the hardest difficulty possible(in this case veteran). Want to know what strategy you need for the first major boss? It might just cost a HC life to find out. Try different things and see what works. The only stipulation is you can have as many chars going at once as you want as long as they are HC, so you can build up and share gear. I have been playing these kinds of games like this for years. It is super fun and the feeling of accomplishment is through the roof when you finish the final act or cap the avatar. It is also more immersive.