Fun use of "Blade Barrier" skill with vitality and chaos bolts given by items

I have never been a fan of the Nightblade skill “Blade Barrier” as it locks you in place and even though immune for the duration you can do nothing much except drink a potion and wait to use a movement skill to retreat. As a defense or protection skill there always seemed to be better alternatives.

In this experimental build I am playing with at the moment, (not designed to be an end-game build, but doing pretty well at the moment and is fun to play), I have focused on Doom Bolt and any items that give Chaos Bolt or Doom Bolt as auto skills on items. eg.

Also items that have suffix of “of Voidfire” that give


With many items like this equipped and a good movement rune like “Rah’ns Might”, even 1 point in “Blade Barrier” can become a nice offensive attack against big monsters, even end level bosses.

I basically throw the “Sigil of Corruption” and “Solael’s Flame” on the boss close up and then activate “Blade Barrier” while spamming my movement key in another direction. Very fun to watch the boss take extreme damage from the chaos and vitality bolts amongst other devotion skills that gets triggered. Once the skill has elapsed, I will be at a location that i was spamming on my movement skill and can launch my main big damage Doom Bolt skill, which is usually enough to finish most bosses off, if they are not already dead by the time I retreat from the Blade Barrier attack. If they survive, just rinse and repeat main Doom Bolt kite attack and when “Blade Barrier” back off cooldown attack close again.

Nothing groundbreaking, but nice to be able to play with a very underused skill and have fun with it.


Sounds fun!

There are blue and purple items with this stuff too. I made long time ago a doom bolt proc build. Not using blade barrier of course because needs class with RR to be potent

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Update on the Blade Barrier offensive build - Elite level 86

I am actually getting more and more impressed as this build progresses. I am still only in Elite and am going to complete FG at this level to test against Kymon, Korvaak, Morgoneth amongst others.

The “Hidden Path” by the way was a breeze in the park at this level, even taking down that bad-ass Mad Queen was something a lot of my other characters failed at.

What impressed me most in Elite was the ease that I took down the Log and Theoden amongst other normally tuff bosses by using …

Big hitter Doom Bolt main -> Movement Charge / Sigil of Consumption / Solael’s Flame / Blade Barrier
You then spam an escape location with your movement skill and then BOOM BANG the big Doom Bolt from safe distance and repeat. The build currently has only 9K health, but by taking advantage of tactical placements of maxed out Sigil of Consumption and the availability of BOTH Pneumatic Burst and Blood of Dreeg it is relatively easy to stay alive during kiting between the cooldown of the Blade Barrier attacks.

I have 38 character builds at the moment and this one, even with its current under par gear feels a lot more deadly and unstoppable than some of my best top builds.

You may well also ask why I have a pet hellhound in a non-pet build? The answer is simple, I love dogs and since I currently have +3 skills to the Occultist class a single point in each Hellhound skill now becomes +4 and that cannot hurt, especially when he is set to defensive mode and I get the shared chaos damage boost and he generates that additional threat. Feel free to put these 4 points somewhere else if you wish if you don’t want the pet in the build.

2 main items that are currently boosting the current main doom bolt damage are
(and having Devotion skill Eldritch Fire on the main left hand Doom Bolt attack is also a killer)



The build actually takes a little while to get going and requires a lot of kiting as a glass cannon initially, but early crafting of Voidfire items and Rhowari belts can really help in the early stages.

I will update the post once I get to the level 94+ items I am aiming for. The one issue I am going to face though is that I have 3 key items that need high physical, spirit and cunning for my final build and am unsure at the moment that even a redistribute of the attribute points will be able to balance that?

I will crash into that bridge once my wings ice-up at level 94.

Maybe this post should now be bumped to the category “Classes, Skills and Builds”, as I think I have may now gone out of scope on this topic?