Fun & viable high DPS build for SC


So recently I ripped my witchblade on U HC. Kinda stopped playing the game after that. But for the love for the game I’m looking to return to Grim Dawn by picking up a SC character. I always played around survivability. Picking up the tankier/kiting playstyle. Now I’m looking for a build that is focused around damage (since I’ll be playing SC). Ofcourse there needs to be a healthy balance between damage and defense in order to stay alive. But I’m willing to take more of a risk for the higher numbers.

What would be a high damage build for SC that is both fun and viable in Any links & builds are most welcome! Preferably Blademaster

Thanks in advance.

You can check this, but it will be heavily nerfed with upcoming patch:

I took a look at the build earlier today. You listed alot of nerfs that came with There are even more nerfs incoming with

Would you say it’s still viable after

Viable probably, but it will have to be build up much more defensively and it wont be among top dogs any more imho. But again that’s just my assumption.
You can find defensive setup on one of the last pages in that thread.

Basically every Blademaster, not just JoV, Superfluff and Death’s Demise’s but every Blademaster got dick-punched (cheap shotted) cause 90% of the forum casters were salty that the class-combo was too good (it was in a way, but not as much.)

I’d say Blademasters will still be viable post- but correct me if i am wrong but i think mainly Belgothian users are getting heavily nerfed and hence their performance has dropped significantly. Especially defensively (R.I.P Carnage + Pneumatic Burst)

To add to this, deadly momentum is also getting another nerf. And there are nerfs to Oleron, Blind Fury and Shadow Strike (if you go DM)

I think 2h ranged blademaster should still be fun to toy with but not sure about DW BM anymore (I don’t even feel like making another blademaster anymore with

Other fun and OP builds i’d recommend are-

DW Lightning Saboteur -

DEE Poison WH

Harbinger Pyro-

+1 for Mister Tomo’s DEE WH.

both that build and some builds like JoV’s BoC got low sheet DPS, but absolutely wreck things because of high DoT they have.

hate to mention them again cuz of incoming nerf :cry:

edit :
i mean BWC not BoC :rolleyes:

What? :eek::eek::eek: and probably the next one coming :cry:

I think you mean nerf, ban is something else entirely

I wouldn’t be surprised if BWC, SJ, CT and DEE are the next skills that get gutted


Add Sober’s Tremor Pyro to the list of fun builds just make sure you have the core item (weapon)

yeah i meant incoming 0.0.8 nerf, was very tired after playing mobas while typing those.
they are indeed on the line, same goes with spammable debuff like thermite, flashbang and CoF, but these got lesser nerf magnitude than main rmb-skill above.

so next updates are all about nerfing builds ? time to move on I guess