Further optimization of Gamepad controls.

Gamepad controls are great in-battle, but is horrible when rummaging through your inventory or warping.

I keep getting forced to come back to KB+M just to sell items or equip them.
Selecting where to warp is weird too.
Mainly because you move stuff in your inventory using a Mouse system kinda thing even with a gamepad.

Don’t know how to explain but using a gamepad outside of combat is extremely tedious.

I plugged in a 360 controller to test it out, and was horrified. You simply won’t get a natural experience with it.

They spoke about the controller support yesterday during dev stream, apparently support for controllers was haphazardly added by one of the devs on his free time and was not even a part of official plan.

To add full support for controllers with UI changes is something they just can’t throw resources at, especially when the number of players who use controller to play GD must be very low.

I mean, they work impressively well for what you can expect out of such an unnecessary feature. But I remember trying to figure them out, and rage-quit. They just won’t feel as good as mouse/ keyboard.

I wish they’d to it properly. >_<

There are times when I just want to play while laying on my bed.