Future Act Ideas

@ Zantai ! Hello

Maybe , have idea future new location for map , for act 8 to act 15 to new map for DLC future

Grim Dawn : Kingdom of Aden .

This is good idea for new map future , for finish malmouth and next DLC Grim Dawn : Kingdom of Aden .

This is good future and fight for world , this is
To take the good throne of the king.

This is new

The singleplayer from 4 to 20 limit connect (this is enable for DLC : Kingdom of Aden)

-Special PVP for Arena 10 or 20 people to fight .

10 vs 10 for time play , the 3 round finish and take

Random : Mythical item, craft component -this is good for generic random for take your winer.

  • New Quest , secret boss and etc.
  • Trading
  • Farming
  • Fight Nemesis
  • Golden Realms this is special (Shattern Realms) -this is new map for Kingdom of Grim Dawn.
  • New Costume for Grim Dawn with King Midle Ages

I found Grim Dawn already long enough. It could even be shorter. Let them rather work on GD2 than another DLC.

Not happening.

Lineage 2?

No, this is new version for unique design and etc

Make it happen.


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