Future build updates

I was thinking of something that might be an idea for future build/updates to Grim Dawn.
When releasing or making a new build, wouldnt it be an idea to make a backup of current build in case the new build dont work as it should like B31.
Lets say you had a backup at B30. Then you released B31 wich was failure.
Then you were able to put out B30 again until B31 was fixed. In that case the game will never be unplayable more than max a day.
I suggest always have a backup build ready like in this case here.
And if a build dont work like B31, then as fast as possible take it back and release previous build again. I cant see that could be hard to do. Its a simple backup plan for future builds.
Right now you are loosing players each day the game is unplayable. With the idea here this wont happend since you just rolled game back to a playable state.
Think about it…

B31 has worked pretty flawlessly for me.

You are not everyone.

And if everyone went back to B30 how would they know what bugs to fix? Everyone has different hardware and specs and software, without bug reports and crash logs builds would just sit there and they’d have no idea if anything needed to be fixed.

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Same here, B31 works no worse than B30 or the builds before it.

You can try to do that on your end, but the build is not that flawed that it needs to be reverted back by Crate.

I have no issues at all.

Yeah B31 or well 1.0.?.? is working fine for me and im playing on a potato AMD A6.

as powbam said they need to release so they can get bug and crash reports and user feedback.

Also i would not say B31 was a failure. It does honestly work well for the majority of players. Crate is working on alot right now with fixing crashes, freezing that people are getting and the DRM free version.

V1.0.0.1 and all good here

Do you have the figures to back that up ?

Have you considered the amount of people that would be put off and the damage to Crate’s reputation if it was delayed by any serious length this close to an announced release month ?

Have you also considered the possibility that quite a few, if not all, of the current bugs might well have been fixed with the test group and it’s only now that it’s available to be tested on vastly more configurations of PC than is available for closed testing, that these bugs are showing up ?

Can we give this guy a medal?

Also for those saying that he is not “everyone”, take a look whats happening in the Bug section of forums…

Yea I am having crashes every 5 minutes, so…;))

The bug report thread is not everyone.

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Obviously its not, but still thats a good chunk of a playerbase. Anyway, how it would harm those without crashes?

This could jsut be an option in menu. enable to download it first, and swtich to build 30. I dont know if thats as easy as it sounds, but basicly right now some people are unable to play their favourite game. its really as bad as people says, with game crashing every few minutes.

This proposition is surely worth consideration, IMHO.

Im like 99% sure one of the devs said that less than 1% of players were experiencing those crash problems.

With all the other bugs, there are more people playing now than before, hence more bugs being discovered for Crate to fix. which is good, it leads to a better less buggy game in the long run.

It does suck for people having these issues, but honestly its best. Crate is now getting reports and can try to fix these crashes. even though half of those post are people bickering between each other.

I would be interested to see how they calculate these numbers.

A lot of people on the 30 pages long “crash” thread actual experience freezes that you can only exit by killing the task, causing no crash report. That’s why I think 1% might be under representative.

And that could be true. i honestly dont know for sure.

30 pages of lets say 100-200 people with these issues, and roughly 8.6K people playing right now without these issues is a huge difference. either way its not a majority, that was my point. :wink:

There are 300k copies sold and 10k users online, yet it is a handful of people posting issues, that should tell you something about how widespread they are.

Sure, it sucks to be one of the 0.01% or so affected, but that does not make it bad enough to pull a build by a long shot.

I havent said everyone anywhere, dont know where you got that??
The players that leave the game just check the crash posts and see those writing they quit the game, so yes the longer time before fix more will leave ill guess.
I see the point in if you roll back a build theres nothing to work with, thats true.
But another suggestion could be make beta tests like alot other games use before releasing a build

well if you are skeptical about a newer build you could put steam in offline mode until everything gets ironed out. or stopping the update.

however maybe in some sense i will agree for some user’s to be able to roll back. but that may put alot more on Crate, in turn making updates/fixes getting released slower.

if everyone is patient these issues will be worked out.


If you read your OP you basically call for a total rollback which implies that because you are having the issue everyone must be.

Hence my reply, you are not everyone.

I don’t want to rollback.

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Ok it might sound like i mean everybody, but i know alot dont have those crashes, but it was also just a thought but hope they fix it for those who cant play the game at least.
I wont write more about it since it seems waste of time spending more time on the subject, and the game right now.