[G&B Caster][] The StrongBinder – A Reign of Ice and Fire

[G&B Caster][] The StrongBinder – A Reign of Ice and Fire

It all began with a meme build I made for my Apostate : Double Blazeheart (Vitality to Fire conversion), Double Inquisitor Runes + Ravenous Earth, with some nasty Devotions linked to them. It was fun, had good damage but was so squishy.
<<<<< Gimmick APostate: Grimtool >>>>>

Here’s a greenless updated version for - Edit: 02/15/2019

<<<<< Grimtool >>>>>

The Runebinder Set + Double Runes concept seemed viable though. I exported it to my Tactician (spamming forcewave is kinda boring after a while) and settled for a tanky build with the Stronghold set in addition.

This a :

  • Double Rune (Hagarrad and Kalastor)
  • Double Damage (Fire and Cold)
  • Double Archetype (Ranged and Shield)

NB : I swore myself to never build a G&B toon. And here I am …


[li]Double Set : Runebinder + Stronghold[/li]
[li]Double « Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire » is key to the RP part of the build.[/li]

That’s an original path I wanted to use for a long time, not finding a build that it could suit. Job Done.
Notable constellations : Magi, Blind Sage, Attak Seru and Leviathan.

Double Runes and WPS everyone to Death.
Cadence (Elemental Storm)
RoH (Fissure) Cold with Fire.
RoK (Whirlpool) Fire with Cold.



  • Visually interesting to play
  • Solid (Soldier, Shield, WoR, IS)
  • Decent kiting: Rune and Run!


  • Lacks OA despite RoH DA shred.
  • Mobility (not for long – : next expansion hype !)
  • Moving targets (KupaCabana for instance)

Easy Fight, though the low OA make it a 1 min 20 sec encounter on average. If you have a strat’ to block him under the Runes, I’m all ears.

Edit 07.30.2018: I finally found our beloved Grava’Tul. The fight was easier than I thought.
I hope you guys like it !

Have you had crucible performance recorded? It’d be nice to see how this build performs there.

The dmg and tankiness look good. I’m concerned about the light resist reduction. Really cool combo of two sets tho.

It’s very fun to play both visually and tactically (rune placement). Defence is very good indeed.

I don’t play crucible that much (I don’t know the buff/debuff mechanics/meta that well) but compared to my other builds that I know perform OK in crucible, it lacks OA to be timer-competitive I think.

My Devotion path is, I think, kind of a “meme / RP” one with all the big elemental constellation procs. The DPS is not constant nor burst but “crescendo”, increasing with every rune exploding.

The Devotion path could easily been tweaked toward a more focused path for Crucible viability. But, as I said, I lack the knowledge to change a Campaign/Lokarr build into a good Crucible one.

belz, you got any non-MI gear suggestions?

Something like this : grimtool

Boots: we have Overguard but we need some reduced stun duration anyway. And there’s not a lot of choice in this slot. Stormtitans is an option, but lightning damage is useless here. That’s why I chose Greaves.

Pants: frankly, any good pair of pants with some elemental damage/OA/DA would do:

Link 1 has good stats and more points for Inq’ Seal. But Link 5 has +2 points in Artifact handling; Link 6 better armor … Make your choice! There’s a lot of room because the build is not resistance/augment dependent.

NB: I realised I had a hidden point lost in Artifact Handling. Grimtool changed accordingly.

Added an greenless version of the GT link.