Gaining Nemesis Status w/ Cronley & Kymon

As the title suggest, does anyone have any tips or tricks at gaining negative reputation towards Cronley’s Gang and Kymon’s Chosen? They seem to always be the slowest at getting towards nemesis status.


There are no tricks just grinding. Sparing Direni makes him appear as a boss in Cronley HO which improves the rate. Getting to hated makes heroes spawn which improves the rate too.

If you make a free to join multiplayer game asking for warrants I’m sure some people would be happy to gift you these in droves.

Maiden is quite unnecessary unless you want to test your build against her, and without crucible for some reason. She and Fabius can serve as a source of blueprints though.

Grinding infamy with Kymon/Order is annoying and tiresome. With Cronley’s Gang it’s much easier however especially if it’s not your first toon (and even if it’s your first a lot of trading players with 2+ chars got stacks of those warrants), consume the warrant as soon as you start, and whenever you start act two try to do corresponding bounties from Devil’s Crossing (and forges bounty from Rovers). You should be close to Nemesis by the time you do all that at Ultimate.

Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it. Definitely going to look for a warrant in multiplayer.

It’s just a serious grind getting to nemesis, I think that I get 900 or so per run for both cronley and kymon with the warrant bonus added, so that first time without warrants…ugh.

I do think that they’re worth it for farming runs though, first ofc to get plans but later on as an alternate farming route when crucible inevitably gets boring. I like to do fabius/iron maiden/moosilauke-sot runs with some ugdenbloom farming thrown in, sometimes getting kupachooga too.

My personal advice, try to get the bounties against Kymon at the Order table and against cronley at the DC (and old arkovia) Table. In ultimate they give you -225 infamy for each bounty delivered (with warrant) and it’s basically for doing the same things you would do anyway. I mostly farmed in fort haron, cronley’s refuge and four hills… see it as a way to farm some dynamites at the same time, those are always useful.

For Cronley, get the DC bounty for the Bruiser, this spawns another hero in Cronley’s room. Don’t collect the bounty, just kill him every run. Easy extra infamy and loot. I usually never turn this one in when I get it, the free hero spawn is too nice.

Edit: also I have 2k hours played and like 30 characters and none has kymon/vigil at nemesis. Yeah.

The reason cronleys take longer then others, is because there is not much area with them. In the next expansion I hope there will be more of cronleys gang, logically there should be. Because they are helping the aetherals, that will make the rate go faster.