Gambling vendor

Not new idea. I think that gambling would add some depth to the game. I’d like f.ex. find my luck in finding green rings, amulets etc. Simple gold sink. Besides I think gambling stuff fits Cairn very well.

How would that differ from the Blacksmith?

Crafting green items in the blacksmith is already gambling.

Didn’t know, sorry:rolleyes:

Nevertheless separate vendor would be cooler. Because of immersion, during war some people want to make money. Kind of tired of this grim aetherial/chtonic conflict. I should ask “why so serious?” don’t want pet battles and selfies, but something more… more… you know what I mean. Besides gambling in-game is cool. Newbies like me wouldn’t know that blacksmith owns a casino.

Also I heard that blacksmith UI needs rework, so it would be great time to invite separate gambling vendor to Devils Crossing.

Don’t really need it in the game, you can get plenty of iron just by collecting stuff. Plus my feeling is having gambling for money in the game only encourages people to try gambling with money in real life and that often turns into a dangerous spiral of debt, depression and god knows what else.

It’s a gold sink. You wouldn’t win anything except items, kind of Diablo 2 style.

Encourages to gambling in real? Debatable imo. We’re killing bandits also…

TBH the entire experience of playing an ARPG is pretty much just gambling. Every time you kill a monster, it’s essentially pulling a lever on a slot machine. You’ve never heard video games accused of using the “skinner’s box” to draw in players? Basically you reward players who do trivial tasks with an unknown reward, aka every ARPG/MMO game, and now with lootboxes in every other game too. My point is, whether you realize it or not, just gaming is akin to gambling. It’s not until you’re spending real money where it becomes a problem though.

Back on topic, as others have mentioned, the blacksmith already is a huge resource sink where you can gamble for greens or even legendaries (Etram Fald in tyrants hold). Could always use more though, recipe gambling is something I did in my mod, Grim Quest.

A little off topic: are there other gold sinks than: crafting random greens, illusionist, Dismantling for materials costs iron bits, other crafting at smith, costs on some quests like making bridges or dynamite? And finally open stash tabs or paying for mandates? Also forgot just buying augments and faction things…

In other words am I missing a big iron bits sink? (“gold” sink)

Related bonus question: With the existent “iron” sinks in mind do you think it is worth the time to pick up yellow (common magic item) items and sell them once you have a character with decent items relative to yellow and has opened all stash tabs?

No, not heard the term “skinner’s box” before. And yeah, thanks to RNG gaming is gambling if you look at it that way. But I don’t think most players do, they just enjoy playing whatever the game is. I did briefly play a game that had a gambling option in it, but after a few goes didn’t bother with it as it added nothing to the game for me. Mind you, the game itself didn’t stay on my PC very long either. :wink: But I can see how some players would find it attractive and could possibly then get drawn into gambling in real life.

But as said, there are plenty of ways to get rid of your iron already in the game so a dedicated gambler isn’t needed imho. In fact, I’m usually the other way around, struggling to have enough money to buy stuff at the vendors and I rarely craft anything. Again the few goes I’ve tried yielded pretty meh items so I don’t bother anymore. I’d rather chance my luck on drops and shops. :slight_smile:

For some reason, reading this make me think that you should be able to kill the “Gambling Vendor” NPC to get a random drop. Similar to Golden Axe’s little dude with the goodie bag. He could WYSIWYG gear randomly on spawn, if you like what he is wearing, just kill him for it instead of shopping.

((Shadow of War could have done better by making all store transactions an act of killing that vendor as well. As it is now, the dude is basically laughing at you when you buy a loot box.))

I just wish there was a streamlined mechanism to sort through and get rid of the crap you don’t want. Instead of looking for stats I want, I find myself trying to find one negative stat to warrant just dumping it cause there is so much loot to sort through every 2 minutes and each usable piece can have so many stats attached. (Maybe 10 minutes in non-Grimmest)