Game Crashing every 20 minutes or so

GTX1070 graphics card. I’ve tried messing with graphic settings.

It runs fine but eventually will crash. Think i’m on 9 or 10 crashes today.

First steps to try would be to verify game files and make sure drivers are updated. If the issue persists, it is probably generating a Crash Log. These can be found in:

This folder may be set to hidden by default in your folder options, so make sure to enable hidden items. Inside this directory, you will find a folder called Crash_Date_Bunch of Numbers (ex. Crash_2022-08-02_171459771.

If you could share that with us, that can help us track down the issue.

Pm’d you it Zantai.

Thanks, we’ll take a look!

Hi conoss,

I took a look at all 7 of your crashes. The majority of them appear to be crashing in/and around graphics commands. Some in actual graphics drivers, some crashing in Unity’s graphics calls. Adjusting your graphics settings was a good guess for sure. Have you tried disabling “Foliage”? Maybe give that a shot if you haven’t already. Can you verify that you have the latest graphics drivers installed? If so, maybe even rolling back a version or two might shake something loose.

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Appreciate the thorough response. My drivers are updated.

I’ll try disabling Foliage next. Another dev idea I had for you guys is to “Disable Foreground Effects.”

Keep up the good work guys. This is the best city builder/survival game on the market already.

I`m suffering from the same issue, I have an RTX 2070
Every 15min/20min pc crash.

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