Game development workflow inquiry


I’ve recently been promoted to an IT project manager of sorts.

After working in that capacity for some time I came to understand that I don’t have relevant enough information on best practices in business processes for Software Development. IT is everchanging everfaster, books become obsolete as they are written and so on…

So writing this here I’d really like to find out how it’s been for the devs here at Crate as well as for anyone who cares to share his experiences in software development.

I’m most interested in feature workflow and bug workflow:what’s feature’s way from a game designer to a developer, are all the features get separate code branch, how is completion reported, how is a release prepared, how is the game tested and feedback from testers is processed - all that stuff.

I understand it is an inquiry into the inside information which can easily fall under an NDA thus I can see if the dev-team wouldn’t be able to share it. But I welcome anyone else who would like to share their experiences.

I chose to write on this particular forum because Grim Dawn is a quality product. I clocked a lot of hours into it to state that. So I’d like to know how to create such a complex system up to quality standards.

Also If anyone has suggestions on any materials still relevant on business processes and workflow in software and game development - feel free to point and share.