Game difficulty broke?

I’ve been playing for a few hours, then i got boring because the lack of challenge, so i started to check in the internet others opinion about this and i found that its not my problem. I dont want to finish twice a game to start having fun from it, spent 160 hours in a game just to find the minimum challenge or nothing at all? i think its not fair and unbalanced. So is it around there another way of rise the skill cap of this game? or make the enemies stronger or whatever? because wait until finish the game and reach the ultimate difficulty wasting 2045782904 hours is not a solution. Why is this people talking about how different is this game from diablo when is the same cheap? please dont make others waste their money with lies

How do you spend 160h in this game and haven’t reached Ultimate? I’m actually curious, dont take this as sacarsm. When you know your way around the game you may reach level 100 in 10-15 hours, I usually reach Ultimate in 8-10 hours, ofc it takes much longer for your first char but 160h is a bit riddiculous.
If you find the campaign not challenging enough there’s always the crucible.

160 hours to reach Ultimate? Wut? It takes me around 24 to 28 hours to reach Ultimate and i do absolutely everything. So you can do it in half of that time if you don’t do everything.

And who the hell is saying this game is different than Diablo? People literally make constant comparisons with Diablo because how similar it is to that game.

did you even read? i spend a few hours, but i’ve read people around talking about spending more than 100 h just to reach the “funny challenging” part of the game, also i’ve people complaining about how ultimate mode is still too easy for their builds

Did you even read my post? Taking 100 hours to reach Ultimate is a flat out lie, when it can take 20 hours or less. The people who are saying it takes 100 hours to reach Ultimate are full of shit.

Of course Ultimate is easy for well made builds, that’s the point. What’s the point of making a build and having it struggle in the last difficulty? Also, saying Ultimate is easy is too broad of a statement. Does it include, Nemeses, rogue dungeons, Mad Queen, Avatar and Ravager? If it means just the bare minimum of just beating the game without doing none of the above, then it’s easy for a well made build.

Of course the first difficulty is easy, that’s the point. Difficulty should start easy and then gradually increase. Are you playing Normal or Veteran? I highly doubt you can run naked on Veteran because some heroes will give you a wake up call.

It seems you are taking these people’s complaints as a fact, when you should take them with an huge grain of salt or just flat out ignore them because they are full of shit.

Well, then I’m going to tell you the exact opposite: You don’t need 100h to find the game challenging. Now I don’t care if you believe me or those people, maybe try to play the game a bit more yourself to find out? I don’t know.
And yes, the first few hours is fucking easy, in normal/veteran it only gets exiting when you reach Act 5 imo (and it takes like 5 hours max :eek:).

men i’m using literally no armor just to check if i can die, its not a skill issue. why do you need all that stuff, constelations, hybrid classes… a lot of kind of weapons if you can go straight forward without leveling killing every minion from two shots or slashes, getting overhealed after every combat with the “ration systems” why do we even need potions having this xD or i need to reach ultimate level to get value from the potions?

Maybe you haven’t read my post above yet but I’m gonna repeat: The first few hours is fucking easy, not every game in existence has to be Demon Souls.
Also if you need two shots to kill a trash mob at a level that low then you’re doing something wrong, it shouldn’t take more than one hit to kill them.

I smell troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

no i didn’t read before post again, maybe yes i’m overreacting and i’m just scared of finding this is another boring diablo 3, i’ll keep playing but you will find me here complaining again if this doesnt get interesting once in elite or ultimate :cool:

Crate can’t make Normal difficulty that would satisfy everyone. Some will find it easy others will find it hard. But in general it should be easy not to scare off the majority of players who mostly are casual players.

The difficulty on normal has certainly been reduced. Admittedly though you’ll still find instances of spike damage even with maxed resistances but they are very rare on normal. Just rush through it like everyone else until reaching ultimate.

Takes about 14-16 hours per difficulty if you want to complete all quests and AoM content.

I’ve played 5000 hours in diablo3 and 1700 hours in this game. Here are my thoughts on a comparison:

d3: very very very easy to gear up, death means almost nothing, disconnection can kill your hc character but otherwise the only way to find difficulty is to push yourself in GR. You get end game sets handed to you on a silver platter.

grim dawn: very very very tough to gear up, play in veteran instead of normal if the game feels too easy to you at first, huge leap in difficulty from normal to elite, then even bigger jump in difficulty from elite to ultimate, and act 5 (from gloomwald to malmouth) reminds me a little bit of 1.03 d3 act 3 inferno. No way to gear up well-enough to roflstomp Avatar/Ravager/gladiator 170, and it will take hundreds of hours to even gear up well-enough easily handle Ultimate and pretty easily handle Nemeses and a couple of Secret encounters. It took me about 800 hours to get my first lvl 75 set, and after 700 hours playing mostly at lvl 100 I only have 4 endgame sets in aom.

I’d say that, overall, you’ll probably find more enjoyment in grim dawn if you like solo play, and the only real pull for me to play d3 anymore is to play mp.

I’m a newish player and I just wanted to say that the notion you can reach Ultimate difficulty in 10 - 15 hours makes no sense to me. You would have to know the game inside out and be able to cheese it endlessly to do anything like that. And why would you do it?
No new player is going to get to Ultimate in 10 - 15 hours. My current character has 32 hours and is just beginning Act 2. I am playing veteran hardcore and self-found so I play cautiously; I am not rushing - but 10 - 15 hours?

Its actually very possible once you know every single tiny secret quest and what you need for materials and have the right pathing down so you’re not backtracking constantly.

Also helps to know exactly where you are putting skill / stat / devotion points so you spend very little time looking at the trees.

Also having strong gear already farmed up helps too but isn’t necessary.

My quickest Veteran run was about 6hrs and that was with fully clearing the 3 one shot dungeons.

My very first time playing through the game though took me a long time too. I went slow, searched every nook and cranny, read every note because I’m a sucker for storylines and backstories and fully cleared every single zone I stepped into, etc, etc.

My personal record was 10h to level 94 ultimate, belieave it or not.
Of course I had everything planned up beforehand, every item and component needed, optimal skills and devotion routes at every important levels (30, 50, 75, 94), +140% exp gained …etc.
Of course no new player is going to do that, including me then. My first playthrough was spent exploring every corner of the game, doing every quest, talking to everyone. Now I just want to level up (legally) as fast as I can to see whether my theorycrafted build would work.

you won’t do that as a new player, as was already said by the poster

My current character has 32 hours and is just beginning Act 2. I am playing veteran hardcore and self-found so I play cautiously; I am not rushing

then you play incredibly slow. I started some new chars a while ago, clear everything, self-found (i.e. the two things that contribute the most to this taking long) and I am at Fort Ikon (close to end of act 3) after maybe 24 hours. Granted, I do not play HC, which too contributes to things going slow

Mamba - you cannot compare your beginning a new character with me beginning. I never played this game until a few days ago. I’m only learning the mechanics by trial and error as I go. The initial learning curve is quite steep on this game. You on the other hand have been with this game for the past 7 years (according to your profile) and I presume you know the game back to front and inside out - Phd level.

What’s interesting to me is that obviously those of you who have stayed with the game after completing it on ultimate - probably several times - play the game in different ways and for different reasons than I do at this point. Theorycrafting and speed runs etc.

Whether I will ever get to the end game level of theorycrafting and speed runs like you experts I dont know yet. So far I really like the game and I’m enjoying learning the mechanics and exploring the world and the story and lore.

Guys, why so serious? It’s just s game. Enjoy every level of it your own way, slow, fast, WHO cares really? :slight_smile:

I know the game world pretty well, but given that I clear everything once, I do not really expect much variation in that clear speed / see how that knowledge helps at all. It would be different if I skipped areas to progress faster.

I grant you that I have fewer things to figure out about my build in the early levels, that comes later. I also can be less cautious as I do not play HC.

Even so, you will get faster with new chars, that is the main take-away.