Game Lagging V0.8.1a

Vanquisher bandit level starts lagging when bandit numbers reach in excess of 50. Serious lagging when there are multiple battering rams even on 1/4 speed.
No lagging issues on the lowest and middle bandit level, even with over 100 bandits with battering rams on 3 speed.

Fuk…in excess of 50 dang with battering rams. I am glad I only get 30 to 40 raiders. woot. ;D

wait until you get 260 raiders with 4 rams it lags so hard lol

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Aww, you must only have a tiny town. Best to keep your population limited until you can defend properly. When you have a bigger population, the game ups the anti, you’ll definitely need good defenses, and troops. :nerd_face: :rofl:

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