Game Options - Purchase

I’ve racked up roughly 170 hours in game so far and am still enjoying playing. I’ve recently started playing some alts after beating Ultimate and clearing challenger in the crucible. Now that I’ve started gearing alts, I have a suggestion that I would love to see added to the game. As some kind of pay addition, please make a shared stash that is searchable (I’d prefer not to have to install a 3rd party mod). I am a hoarder in arpgs and the time spent on inventory management across chars named leg armor, chest armor, swords, etc. for every single item gets insanely tedious and is hard to mouse over all items looking for the level gear I’m after.

I also love crafting in this game as it’s finally a spiritual successor to the rune system in d2 that was my favorite part of the game. If we could at least pay for a bag that held all these crafting materials it would be helpful. Auto-pickup of crafting materials as an option would be kick-ass as well.

Anyway, this has probably been mentioned quite a few times, but the convenience of either system listed above is well worth cash (I’d pay $10 more just to have it).

This has been requested for years, so I doubt we’ll see it. However, the expansion will come with some extra space, albeit not searchable.

I know you said you do not want third-party mods, but you might really enjoy stepping outside your comfort zone for GD Stash. It comes with unlimited storage in database form, and you can search through your items by name, affix type, stats, or any number of other amazing ways.

I’m not against the idea but I am firmly against the idea and suggestion of microtransactions for such a feature. It debases the game and the devs. If they add it then they add such a thing and bake it into the game “free” as is right and proper. Save the transactions for the base game and real expansions with meat on its bones.

I feel the same as you. After 500 hours i started using gd stash and never regretted it.

As said, this sort of thing has been asked for many times so not likely to be added at this late stage.

Both GDStash and Grim Dawn Item Assistant are easy to use programmes for infinite storage.