Game Speed option from Titan Quest

I spent holiday weekend playing the new Titan Quest expansion (really good btw). I hadn’t played the Anniversary edition yet but I noticed an option for “game speed.” I set it to max and TQ felt like a new game. It was soooo nice to be able to zoom zoom through environments and I had an awesome time playing a new character.

When I played Grim Dawn yesterday it felt like my characters were moving through molasses. I even checked the settings to make sure I didn’t set my character to “walk” or something. Char was wearing 10% movespeed boots with mark of the traveler.

Do you think this is something that can/should be added in a future update? Admittedly I didn’t have an issue with GD’s gamespeed, but after playing TQ it feels super slow to me now.

Also a button to pick up relic pieces like TQ added would be sweet.

This has been discussed over and over
Devs seem to like for us to move like turtles even at level 100.

It you like the fast speed in TQAE, then GD will feel slow for you. I find the medium speed in it too fast but use it as slow (ie original) is too slow. With GD being somewhere between these, it is fine for me.

While this has been brought up before, there is very little demand, so I understand the devs not doing anything, esp since this would really also need some rebalancing if you want to do it properly.

You can always mod in higher run speeds, don’t think that was done yet either, another indication for little demand.

Ah that’s too bad. Honestly would much prefer a game speed option over xp potions.

Your character moves like a turtle in Grim Dawn? Damn, we must be playing different games with the same name then. Movement speed in GD is perfect for my liking, I really hope they’ll never change it to ridiculousness of PoE and D3.

Of course the game with slower speed is gonna feel slow after you play another game with basically the fast forward button. This also happens to me when i switch from a character with capped movement speed to another with lower speed.

My warder feels Sanic-fast with relevant buffs up and it actually causes me issues. He’s not even BiS’d yet, he’s going to feel stupidly fast once he’s there.

Speed in GD is…let’s say SAD. 135% is for Normal/Veteran, 150% should be for Elite and 175% even 200% should be for ulti !
Current limit is very low…turtle race

As I said it feels very slow after playing through Titan Quest. This would be a simple toggle, so if you like the current speed then you can continue with it.

Just like how when they recently changed the casting mechanics, they allowed us to continue using the old system.

Yes character move like turtle even with capped 135 % ms . Yes we are playing same game as you, speed feeling is simply relative to each different person .
No movement speed is not perfect yet for campaign and they can raise it… That won’t hurt…I heard the game was faster at the start but they nerf the speed i never had the chance to enjoy this :cry:. This ridiculous to my linking.

I hope they will change :wink:

I’d rather it be a toggleable option. Some fights would be really hairy with faster speed, too. (Imagine Sentinel or the Wendigos being FASTER.)

Toggleable or not but i think a bit more speed for the game won’t hurt ( yes i can imagine ^^’ but they don’t need to boost monster already quick as hell)

I’ve barely played poe, but I played almost 5k hours in d3, and the speed of that game makes it unrecognizable to somebody who started playing it in summer 2012. I think that 135% max is just fine tbh.

I already said this, I will say it again - GD is slow. With a lot of +% movement speed implemented in recent patch, I sure hope they will make this feature available or increase movement speed.

Toggle is preferable, of course, seeing how many people find 135% fine.

you saying so does not make it a fact, after all

many people find 135% fine.

Just not liking how you state an opinion as if it were a fact…

And I never said it was a fact. I thought, that most things people say on these matters are opinions, and that is actually a common knowledge, yes?

Dude, seriously? The mere fact that I said, that toggle is preferable, already indicates that I am also mindful of other people’s opinions on this topic. Come on.

If movement speed gap is set at 135% cause monsters wouldnt be able to attack u at higher speeds then 2 simple options :

  1. Make monsters attack faster without increasing dmg
  2. Make mov speed gap 200% while no monsters are in 20m area

Might be something the devs might consider sometime in the future, but it would be far down on their wishlist of “things to do” imho.

If they think this way it’s sad because movement speed in a hack and slash is very important for fun, imo

Wait, you want more movespeed for the PC but not for the monsters? That’s just kind of cheaty. Here I thought this thread was talking about making the whole game play faster.

EDIT: Oh wait, you’re not OP. Never mind.