Game stuck at loading screen

Multiple of my saves are getting stuck on the loading screen at around 90%. This is probably my 3rd save. I am running MelonLoader 0.6.1 but I’ve never had any issues with my current mods, and it works just fine when I create a new map (only gets stuck when it’s loading a save file) EDIT: I disabled mods and the saves still won’t load

Memory and CPU are both below 40% usage, and task manager doesn’t consider the game to be “Not Responding”.

Loading older versions of the save doesn’t work, and I’ve even tried to leave it open for 30 minutes to see if it was just a slow loading screen, but nope, still stuck

Here are 2 of the save files I could remember:

Just happened again with with a new save where I had less than 50 pop. Even after following the guide of common issues and fixes it won’t load.

Literally unplayable

I like the names of your villages :slight_smile:

Because you are update game to v092 above and it seem have a big bug that make your save die.
I try my save in v091 (3,5k pop) and everything still ok, it’s just take about 10 - 15 min to load.
But when i use this save for v092a, it will be stuck. Good luck.
I hope dev can fix it soon, they release 4 hot fix but can’t resolve this issue :))))))

Yeah this only started happening in 0.9.2

Good find here. This is an issue when a game is saved with a dead raider at a raider camp. It breaks load for that saved game. The fix will be in the next FF patch and will retroactively fix these broken saved games.