Games crashe on start when moving saves

Hello, I just upgraded to Windows 10 though I dont know if it’s related.

I was playing GD without cloud save enabled and everything was going fine until now. I installed win 10 and when I tried to load the game it crashed just after Crate title. I ran a repair and the game was able to load fine but all my character disappeared.
I saw the cloud save was enabled, so I disabled it and when I tried to reload, it crashed again. Then, I tried to delete all my cloud files and the game still crashed. I finally tried loading the game without any saves in the My Games folder or the Grim Dawn folder and it launched correctly but of course without any saves.
I’m able to see the title screen and my character’s names from my saves from the My Games folder but it crashes right after. The game works fine only if the cloud saves are enabled.

Can someone help me ? I’ve already tried to reinstall the game but I got the same issues.

This is my crash.xml :

How can you see the char names when you deleted the save files ?

There must still be something around, when I delete a char from save/main, I no longer see it in GD (I am using local saves only, maybe the cloud ‘remembers’ and retrieves it from there ? but then you said cloud is disabled…). As it should be.

I meant whenever I pull my saves back from my backup folder to the My Game folder and start the game, I have a glimpse of the title screen and I can see their names before the game crashes.

EDIT : the problem clearly stems from the cloud saving. I can move around my saves all I want, they won’t appear while “cloud saving” is enabled. And if I disable it, they appear but the game crashes right at the title screen.

Ok I solved my problem by copy pasting my character from a backup folder to the My Game folder and the steam directory. I had to manually rename every bak file to its normal form and then I checked false for the cloud saving option in the option.txt file. It was HORRIBLE but at least someone else can benefit from this fix.