Games like GD?

Hey guys,

I’m loving grim dawn so much right now that i completely stopped playing path of exile!
to me GD is a much more fun game :P…
i have a question tho are there any more games like this where i can build a character?
and create my own builds?
i know POE but i came from there and like to try out others as well…
maybe diablo 3 but its so linear,hmm, what about the warhammer arpg games?,last epoch?,wolcen?
anyway curious to hear what you guys have to say!


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GD’s spiritual predecessor, Titan Quest and the expansion Immortal Throne. Think of it as a more simplified version since it’s a much older game (came out in 2006). It doesn’t have a devotion system, but does have the dual mastery makes a class so you’re able to get quite a good range of different builds. With the Anniversary Edition which THQNordic brought out in 2016 there are also a couple of expansions for it: Ragnarok and Atlantis which add new areas to explore, monsters to fight, etc. Ragnarok also added another mastery in the Runemaster.

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I recommend Chronicon. This is my review from 1.5 years ago when I played it. The game surely has been developed a lot from that time. Every character has 5 skill tress to choose from if I remember correctly and you usually choose 2 of them. It resembles Grim Dawn dual class system. I also like that unlike in Grim Dawn you can bind multiple skills to one button with a priority of your choice so in a given moment a skill with a higher priority that is off cooldown activates. If it weren’t for Grim Dawn I would be probably playing this game right now.

I love this game. I’m very picky about arpgs and little is needed to make me not play a game.

This one has everything

  • 4 classes with multiple skill trees, skill variations and modifiers to choose
  • cool loot (rare, unique, sets, legendary etc) that you can enchant, socket, transmute, reroll, gamble, etc.
  • graphics that is pleasant to the eye (and I generally don’t like pixel art) with very cool skills effects and monster special attacks
  • can be played using a controller (I love it) or wsad + keyboard
  • combat is very satisfying
  • very customizable interface
  • the dev named Squarebit answers all your questions on forums and listens to the community.

And more - minions, waypoints, shrines, multiple difficulties, randomly generated levels, some kind of rifts (haven’t reached it yet though). So much fun for so little money.

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Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen is really a great game, different style arpg but very good.

Although a different kind of rpg (crpg) I would really recommend Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. It has nice diversity with multi-classing, itemisation and interesting game mechanics.


Pillars of Eternity?

Why not Baldur’s Gate then, hm?

Guys, come on…

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Which game is the most friendly for casual players? Single players?

I like Grim Dawn because of this causality. You do not have to spend hours and hours for farming to beat the game. Of course there are some items which are hard to get, but without game you can do almost everything in the game.

I played Diablo 2 where drop rate were insane low and without trading it was hard to build a decent character.
Torchlight 2 - after finished the game on the first difficulty I lost interested in this game. I had one legendary item …
Diablo 3 I played like 6-7 years ago and the same, after beating the core content it was nothing much to do? Something was changed?

How about PoE2? Do I need to spend hours for farming unique items?

If you search for hack and slash experience then I can recommend Titan quest with all dlcs and Diablo 3 (if you don’t go leaderboards there is nice build diversity, without much deep altough). Diablo 2 is still nice game but not for today standards for me.
For aRPGs which are fun to play but are pretty like “beat and forget”: Adventures of Van Helsing, Shadows: Awakening, Vikings - Wolves of Midgard, Wolcen.

PoE is very good game but I had a lot of issues with it which made me quit:

  1. Online only.
  2. Some strange things going on with servers. No matter of what internet I used or graphic settings some end game maps in higher tiers were lagging me, including Shaper one :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Lost a lot of exp and hours of grinding because of it.
  3. Being forced to trade which is pure cancer. Drop rates are joke and whole trading system either, you have to manually spam people from, most do not respond if you want to buy maps or cheaper items.
  4. Drop rates for currency, items and maps are bad, no matter if you spend even more currency for upgrading maps. You are forced to “player interaction” aka spaming afk players.
  5. Huge build diversity and you will not try 99% of it because of drop rates, until you decide to nolife 12 hours day/use bots/buy currency for real money/you got rich friend who give you everything for free.

Definitely not a game for people without A LOT free time or patience. Campaign and lore itself is boring. I hope PoE2 will make some solution for people prefer SSF gameplay, current one do not change anything, it’s exactly same as nossf except you can’t team up with people.

Apart of aRPGs I can recommend Pillars of Eternity 2 and Divinity Original sin 2 (classic rpgs) if you want isometric game with many builds which are fun to play in my opinion.


This isn’t too bad … A little twist on things… I enjoy GD more but if no GD then this is up!


The closest thing to GD is Titan Quest, which is its predecessor and also has the two mastery system, but is set in ancient Greece / Egypt.

As to other ARPGs

Diablo 3
Warhammer Chaosbane
Last Epoch
Victor Vran
Torchlight 1 & 2, might wait for 3 which should come out this year
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Sacred 3

The only one out of these I recommend is TQ, which is not to say the others are bad, just that I enjoyed TQ more than the others listed, but that was 10 years ago (but it has aged pretty well imo, you miss some QoL over GD, but it holds up well enough to give it a try imo).

I don’t see that anyone mentioned Dungeon Siege 1 or 2…

Or Sacred 1/2…

If you have a ps2, Champions of Norrath and it’s sequel, as well as Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 1+2, great fun ARPGs that are a bit different than a traditional ARPG.

Greed : Black Border, kind of fun but prolly not for everyone as it’s a cheesy unbalanced scifi arpg but I enjoyed it and got it for dirt cheap.

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Shadows Awakening is a real underrated gem of a game. It’s actually a pretty faithful sequel to the original Kult: Heretic Kingdoms from 2004, though one need not have played the original to enjoy this title, it does help.

LOL, I feel it got undeserved hate, sure it was not really a proper sequel to S1 and S2, but anyone paying any attention should have known this. It is more a better Gauntlet that the third installment in the Sacred series. A lot more streamlined / dumbed down builds and items with more of a focus on action (evasion roll etc.) and little replayability, but I kinda enjoyed it for what it was instead of hating on it for what it wasn’t.

No harm in watching a video of it first though to make up your mind.

Yeah, it has some bad lines, but gameplay is ok imo. Got it for like $10 or so, and did not regret that.

I feel most games look dull when watching a video of someone else playing… at least to me they do

Sacred 3 gameplay can be satisfying IF you can completely disconnect yourself from thinking of it as a Sacred game. Which is difficult if you played the first two because they dump an absolute ton of places, names, and lore, constantly parading around the corpses of the previous installments in what is essentially an arcade beat 'em up with little depth and endless fourth-wall-breaking attempts at humor.
I finished the entire campaign (+expansions) with a Seraphim just to say I did it. It had its moments, just should never have been called Sacred 3.

DS2 is awesome but I recommend playing it with an add-on. I don’t think its purchasable on Steam. There are mods and community bugfixes online.

Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance/Champions of Norrath - great games but I would play them with an emulator because the video quality of PS2 connected to modern tvs/monitors sucks.

I can also recommend Kingdoms of Amalur.

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+1, the sequel Champions: Return to Arms is awesome as well (more classes and skills too).

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Kingdoms of Amalur is a nice game but doesn’t get a sequel.
BG3 becomes turn-based game annoys me somehow.