Gaming Keyboard Recommandations

The thing is that I recently bought a new PC so I don’t have to play grim dawn on a laptop.

I’ve been using a pretty standard keyboard since forever, I’m wondering if you guys have any recommendations for a great gaming keyboard.

Thanks in advance. :cool::cool::cool:

BTW, I bought Zantai’s recommended mouse(Logitech 502 Hero) and it’s being a blast!!

So I think lots of you folks really know how to live the gaming Gansta life!!

The Logitech 502 is the best, I’ve used it for years!

For keyboard I use the [standard Amazon Basics wired keyboard](AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard Hands down best feel of any keyboard I’ve ever used. If they made a mechanical version of this exact keyboard it would be the perfect keyboard. This isn’t a “gaming keyboard” by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve never had any issues gaming with it. And at $13 you can’t go wrong.

If you can’t live without a mechanical keyboard Amazon Basics does offer one that looks pretty legit at a reasonable price, but it has standard size keys, not the short keys I love so much on the keyboard I linked above.

Despite how it sounds, I am in no way affiliated with Amazon.

Thank you!! But I’ve been using basic and standard keyboards for a very long time, it’s time to go premium with some of those more fancy keyboards with macro keys on them.

I think with those programable macro keys, I’ll be able to slaughter crucible 170 no buff no banner like a boss(Zantai).

I’ve got a Logitech G910 which I find is pretty good. bunch of macro keys for ya and nice and sensitive Mechanical Keyboard.
Plus it has that ‘Ohh Ahh’ factor with the RGB lighting and the ability to set each key separately.

If you know your way around a keyboard, this is the best of the best:

If you need to have the letters on the keys, they do that too.

But I would say screw “gaming” keyboards and get one of these. My kids have glowing colored Razor keyboards and they are crap. Plus, if most people in your household cannot type to save their life, you have a form of security as they will unable to do much of anything with a blank keyboard.

If you’re not recommending a gaming keyboard, I won’t do it too. Logitech K200, survived over 4 years, multiple hard punches of frustration, over 900 billions of buttons pressed. Okay, it was a lie, it survived way more button presses, there was a time when I typed for 10 hours a day non-stop, daily and it still feels like new. The price of this keyboard is like 1 cent, so definitely nice to buy one even for “just in case” situations. It’s also easy to clean, you take it, rotate the keyboard by 90 - 120 degrees, smash it on the table to remove everything unnecessary it contains, put it back on its place, keep doing what you were doing. The only issue with it is getting gray-ish after years of usage. Oh, and the buttons are durable as fuck, they still look like the keyboard was just freshly released.

EDIT: they also released a new models of this keyboard, from what I see.

Minus the fact I cant type to save my life that keyboard is kinda cool Jiaco.
Almost wish I had one, but I like my glowing keyboard too much :P, it helps me get around my room when I haven’t switched on the lights.

Thanks @jiaco @ USER_NAME_01.

The keyboard seems to be really nice, I think I’ll try it out on my laptop.

It seems to be the perfect one for productivity!! :p:p:p:):):slight_smile:

I use ducky mechanical keyboard with cherry MX brown switch.
I would recommend you to try mechanical keyboard. Really durable and pleasant to type.

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Thank you, I got a mechanical gaming keyboard, it’s pretty crisp…:cool::cool::cool:

What’s your budget?

How much do you want everyone around you to hate every moment of you typing?

I switched to a mechanical keyboard and swear (probably by placebo) that I type faster. Plus my wife gets to explain whenever she’s on the phone that the house isn’t falling apart, it’s just her husband typing.

This is the latest model of it, though may be worth waiting for a sale. Been very happy with this keyboard.

EDIT: apparently this was bumped FOR NOTHING. POINTLESS!

I wouldn’t recommend Corsair keyboards if you ever plan on customizing the keycaps. Corsair uses a non-standard bottom row, so finding replacement keycaps is a chore (the keycaps are also very thin). Cherry switches are fine, but they tend to be scratchy.

My questions to you would be:

  1. Do you need the numpad?
  2. Do you need the F keys?
  3. Do you need dedicated arrow keys?
  4. Do you prefer tactile switches (there’s a noticable bump when you press a key), linear swtiches (no bump), or clicky switches (just like tactile but they click)?

If I were you I’d go to your local Best Buy (or any electronics store that has keyboards available for testing) and find out what kind of switch you prefer.

EDIT: Looks like you’ve already come to a decision. Hope you like it!

Before the rollback, I advocated for the K95.

+1 for Corsair.

Again, (for others as I think OP pulled the trigger already)
How many programmable keys are truly necessary?
Rgb keylighting is mostly useless but can be nice.
Rgb lighting strip is straight extra imo.
Mechanical keys are superior but depends on preferences. Test some out - I prefer no click smooth keypresses. Ymmv.

Um, description says quiet - must have got that wrong then if it can be heard by someone on the other end of a phone. :smiley:

Thank you all !!

I got a CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard recommended by @Omega.Ankh before the forum reset.:cool::cool::cool:

Thanks @Zantai, I think I’ll get K70 for my mum’s MBP.:cool::cool::cool:

Thanks @kidpid, I’ll definitely try out the local stores the next time before any purchasing decision!

RGB => Corsair

Build quality => Leopold

I rock the Corsair K70, I used to be a Razer fanboy way back in the day but came to realize how awful build quilty is after 2 headsets, 4 mice and 3 of there gaming controllers fell apart on me only after 6 months or less.

Out of all 4 mice I owned, 3 of them got the infamous " double click " issue, Now I jumped over to Corsair and never had any issues with any of the gear I have and its mostly 3 years+ old as of right now.