gaming pc with huge fps drops?

Hello community i’m getting huge fps drops very annoying :frowning: like i can be running without monsters on 100-115 fps… but suddenly on some fights bum drops to 45 or 25-39… whats that :(? any tip

Game version: V tried steam repair, etc,etc

I’m running on 3400 cpu ryzen 5 1600
Ram on default clock 2135 it can up to 3200 but is the same… tried already
8 gigas ram

-Windows hpet off, bios off (c states off) saving features off
-dynamicktik off too
-meltdown spectre off patch to avoid cpu lag

Balance amd ryzen energy plan, not background process running at all
idk whats going on :frowning:

Current settings:

video tab:

Game engine is ancient, it is not suitable to run on modern hyperthreading CPUs

Try this

And lightning and shadows are the most CPU demanding properties, set them to low/off

have you tried to enable vertical sync?

Try to use V-Sync in nvidia control panel.

Since you’re AMD, you should try to set the priority to high for the game instance.

  1. Launch GrimDawn
  2. Go to Task Manager > Details
  3. Find Grim Dawn in the list & right click > Set Priority to ‘High’

Also let the game’s config file know that you’re running more cores than default and want to take advantage of the threads available.

  1. Navigate to your GrimDawn config file (mine is in the default Steam set path at C:\Users[yourusername]\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings)
  2. Open up Options in a text editor
  3. Find the following and change their values to reflect your threads running

forceSingleProcessorMode = false
maxResourceThreads = 8

For instance, mine is a 4core with 2 virtual threads per core. So mine would be above.

Hope that helps some.

Yeah tried the maxresourcethreads like putting 6 but didn’t see a difference, also they said that for AMD games on single core runs ugly cause AMD Instructions per core are terrible compared to Intel IPS

I was wondering for my 6 physical cores +6 threads what would be the maxResourceThreads 12?