Gannar'vakkar, King of the Sands spawn location

Wanted to grind this boss for his legendary MI amulet but didn’t run into him even once through couple of full FG content clears.
So I gave up and decided to cheese it and look up his spawn place with GT items database.
Sunbane Oasis, ok.
Yesterday did a full run of the place, every inch and corner including the secret place (as I expected him to have a couple of on approach proxy spawn points like Bargol has in Ugdenbog) and I did not found him.
Now I am troubled, is either the boss in a different area and GT is wrong or is there something wrong with his implementation in the game and he does not spawn as he should?
Did anyone found that guy? :eek:

Is that the scorpion boss?
From the top of my head, I found him in the open desert area right where the ruins that lead to the passage between sunbane oasis and basalt crags are.
You have to be quick because he’s always running away from you, I got him when I noticed something was moving at the edge of my screen.

Wow really? So used to have everything running towards me that I would never thought a boss that you need to chase down would exist in GD. No wonder I didn’t notice him. Will need to be more aware of the stuff moving on the edge of the screen.

This boss keeps running around like a circle, check the top left of the area first then turn clockwise direction you will find him easy.

I almost missed him too because I only spotted him from the corner of my eye for a second and I was like “WTF is that big blue thing running away???”
He works like Gulgazor and Vilgazor, the ghost crab bosses in the Ancient Grove, that he runs around in an area, very fast. So explore the place until you find him. He is really fast.