Gatekeeper on Ultimate

Okay. this guy is bullshit on ultimate difficulty. I’ve spent 20 minutes trying to hit and run this bastard but his fucking charge + aether bolts just trash my character. I can’t even stand still long enough to slowly kill him. Keep getting him to like 35%, getting charged/stunned/instantly aether bolted, dead. he heals. work him back down to 35%, same shit.

12.5k health, 80% aether res, 2200 da. Sad fucking panda. The main issue is if the charge hits you, and you’re stunned for a fraction of a second his aoe aether thing + the larger aether bolt can all hit you simultaneously and you just eat shit.

Also, I can’t progress before killing this dude and after just rolling through everything else I’m stuck cuz this guy has a shitload of health, no CD on his obnoxious charge and hits like a fucking truck.


I had problems with this one and the one in sewers too. Their charge is the killer move, they repeat it quite often and the trick is to not run away. You need to facetank them, and have a few healers/circuit breakers to do that.

Yeah, I tried to facetank a few times, but the smash ability that they do also hits like an absolute truck.

i resolved this fucking dude easy with drinking 18 potions …
it changed A LOT the thing.

Do stun reduction work?

If you fight him at mid range he will not charge. If you’re undergeared just munch on an aether cluster when he’s low on health.

Their charge is the killer move, they repeat it quite often and the trick is to not run away

I’ve never had this guy charge me, but if it’s like any of the other charge mobs, you can let it initiate, then step back and it will come up short (aimed at where you were when the charge was initiated).

Your aether res is 80% so the majority of the damage you are receiving is physical damage (he also does fire damage to a lesser extent so that should be reasonable also). Additionally you have less DA than Bollag’s OA so he will have a chance to crit you :frowning:

Here is an option that will let you pass him with relative ease:
1)buy a durable colossal shield from hyram (rare goods vendor in steelcap district unlocked after docks quest I think) in a lesser difficulty (just make a new game if there isn’t one; you want a 20%+ physical resistance shield)
2) use slithblood tincture + courageous tincture (Devil crossing + Homestead faction vendor first page).
3) retreat if necessary and wait for tincture cooldowns.

Alternatively you could post a link to your build so we can offer suggestions. If you are failing vs Bollag it is a sign your build is weak.

Just gonna throw out that you’re replying to a post from roughly a year ago :rolleyes:

Ouch. I need to improve my reading skills…

meh, the revival of the thread misled me. My suggestion of the shield and tinctures is still a good method to pass some encounters :stuck_out_tongue: