Gatherer Upgrade to Herbalist

On some of the harder Maps you´ll get no herbs. and rely on traders is a terrifing thing. you need them for level 2 houses and if you´re unlucky an no one has them for trade over some years - god bye level 4 houses and welcome back to level 1…

So why not give the Gatherer with an Upgraded Building ( Tier 3 / Herbalist) the Option to plant Herbs like the Hunter with traps? Maybe even medical roots with an second Tier 4 upgrade?


What a great idea for gatherers. Just like a work camp can be set to plant trees an idea to allow gatherers to plant herbs would be fantastic.

Always found it strange that gathers didnt upgrade to something…what a perfect fit!!!

I’m fairly sure something like this was mentioned/requested before but it’s still a fine idea and still worthy of +1 from me too.

나도 이것을 간절히 바랍니다. 덧붙여 갈대나 견과류 버섯도 포함 되었으면 좋겠습니다 특히 갈대(바구니 만드는 재료)