Gatherers and Arborists cooperation

  1. Could Arborists plant some bushes for Gatherers? Maybe raspberries or currants.
  2. Also could Gatherers collect yield from Apiaries? It would make them more useful late game or on difficult maps.

I was thinking in the same vein, but towards a Tier 2 Gatherer who would be able to collect some of the plants available on the map and plant them in a little garden around the gatherer’s hut.

Everything comes around, as they say - we speculated on Better Gathering some months ago, but now we can add in the mechanics from the new Arborists.

My suggestion would be to Upgrade the Gatherer Hut into a Herbalist Hut & Garden, occupied by 1 - 2 Herbalists which can replant not only Blueberries, as now, but also the other Gatherer-specific resources: Herbs and Medicinal Plants (which were, after all, the domain of the Medieval Herbalist) into a Garden around the Hut for easy and efficient gathering. That would increase the availability of these resources at the Upper Tiers just the way the new Deep Mines and Quarries do for mineral resources. It would also be especially useful given that, unlike the food plants gathered, there is really no substitute like Farms to get them later.

I like the idea of tying this to the Apiaries - another common fixture in Gardens: apply a bonus to Apiaries from Garden plots and allow Gatherers/Herbalists to ‘service’ Apiaries.

Frankly, the same Apiary Bonus could be applied to the Fruit Trees planted and serviced by Aborists as well - Apiaries and Fruit orchards are also commony co-located.

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i agree. gatherers and aborists need help

what is the gatherer’s hut and how do I get that?

Foragers. It’s in the food production tab along with your hunters and fishers.

ohh…it can be upgraded now?
or is it only a suggestion?

@medea_fleecestealer Also I have created a thread “personal opinion on changes”, can you tell me which suggestion of mine are currently feasible?

No, Foragers can’t be upgraded.

No idea, that would be down to the devs. They have said there isn’t a campaign; if they were planning one it would already be in the game methinks. FF is sandbox game basically with some optional combat.

Water based stuff - may or may not happen somewhere down the line after full release of the game.

I see…thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

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