Gazer Man - Useless ?

So is this item just as a…lil joke…after clone fight ?

Cause either than that it cannot be used anymore…at least after AoM.

Everyone creating a new char will for sure use Lokar Set…no doubt. Before AoM it was a decent new char item…but now…its kinda just sittin there…

IMO it should be transformed into Pants and give 50% mov speed…also should be a new char item.

Ummm. Not every item is designed to be viable. Some are just memes.

It’s useful for players who can’t farm secret boss for new level 1 legendary set. Plus that transmog!

Good for illusion :slight_smile:

Seems reasonable, I used it 1st time after AoM before getting Lokar Set. But about the skin…dont think anyone is using it…is just there…to be there…

Even so it’s an “uber” item and it should have it’s place next to lokar. It’s 15% not that much…but for starters it would be a very good item…and let’s not forget…clone is not an easy fight lol.

I’ve never seen this item in game but, is the granted ability not that useful? -10% DA seems like a lot that could stack with a flat -DA source…I’m missing something probably.

It debuffs you not the enemy, it’s a troll item.

It decreases your OA.

The negative bonuses it gives are insignificant at an early stage low level char.

Which lasts for like, what, 20 minutes?

I’ve gone to end of elite with it equipped before AoM that is

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I used it until act 2 Elite until i got lokar set.

Don’t wanna create a new thread for this, but is there any good build for 2h melee Druid with no pets ?

Its purpose is to look funny and make the game harder. Working as intended.