GD:Cornucopia v0.2: Devotion Overhaul and Mastery Tweaks

Lightning Storm (Occult-Familiar) has no mastery requirement.

Also, Familiar has no attack skill at level 1.

The extra target on Fighting Form appears to be bugged for ranks 1 and 2. It looks like the “Degree Arc” is required for it actually hit anything which doesn’t start until rank 3. That said the new transmuter is crazy for how much cleave it provides and does work with ranks 1 and 2 since it adds its own 360 degree arc. <3

Fixed all of these! Thanks for reporting them! Hotfix B incoming.

Hotfix B


  • Fixed a bug where Ranks 1 and 2 of Fighting Form weren’t applying their area of effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the Raven had no default attack at Rank 1.
  • The Raven’s Lightning Storm now correctly has a mastery requirement (25/50).

The links in the original post have been updated.

Edit: Oh, Temper was fixed to provide DA and not OA some time ago as well. I think that was in Hotfix A, just forgot to add to patchnotes.

Do we need to respec for hotfixes?

You shouldn’t need to, no. Although if you are a low level and were using Blitz, you won’t be able to invest further into the skill (but you can still use it) until you bring the Soldier mastery up to 15/50.

I know it isn’t exactly what crate designed, but after playing with the familiar a bit I think the best option for its default attack would be Lightning Bolt, without the stun/cooldown of course. This way you don’t have to worry about him firing into obstacles. I know you can micro-manage pet position, but that can be unresponsive/clunky. Also, with the changes you guys made to Lightning Strike/Storm, it would fit perfectly without being redundant.

Lightning tendril/chain lightning would work as they both fire thru obstacles, but as you stated, i’d rather see that skill elsewhere.

Related/unrelated: can you increase the agro range when a pet is in aggressive stance?

Not entirely sure. I think so.

Raven’s autoattack will get more of a looking at for the next Hotfix.

Blitz has a cooldown of 3.8, while Sacred Strike - 3 seconds. Yet both of them have a 85% chance to proc Elemental Storm.
I assume proc chance scaling only considers full seconds of a base cooldown. Should’ve bump blitz by 0.2, especially if it puts the chance at 100%.
Also, replacing FF Bleeding damage with Internal Trauma will synergize better with Discord.

visually and per the character sheet, iskandra’s only does the bonus fire damage, not one element at random. will confirm once I encounter a fire zombie, the hanging tree in lower crossing didn’t spawn any mobs…

Yup, totes only does fire damage!

Not everything should be balanced around how it affects proc rates in devotion, but that’s definitely something I hadn’t considered for blitz’ cooldown. Thanks for mentioning it, .2 is pretty harmless so we’ll probably make the change. I mean we do plan on adding more CDR in small amounts anyway,

Hahaha, after we released I made a melee elemental dmg battlemage and played on Ceno’s stream and noticed the same thing. He said it was just a visual bug and it is doing all three types.

I knew it! Fire zombies were taking wayyyy less damage from every single hit. I wonder if this isn’t fixable though… or if the DoT portion of IEE on vanilla ever worked properly in the first place. Will test to re-verify and see what we can do.

Manifestation: Removed -% Elemental Damage. Now converts 33%/66%/100% of your Elemental Damage to Aether Damage.

i’m 99% sure this is the most OP thing in the game now, but i’m going to keep testing it because it’s crazy fun!

Do you think it’s because it’s consolidated to one dmg type or because aether dmg has so many resist reduction options?

the first part, but this is purely theory-crafting until I can actually test in ultimate. where’s that level 70 quest giver? :wink:

Shouldn’t be any worse than Blood Orb of Ch’thon + BWC.

I found the issue. Will be fixed in next hotfix.

For those interested:

We set under Offensive Parameters: OffensiveGlobalChance: 100
which we thought would give a chance for one of the three types.

What we neglected to do was give each damage type a % chance. (Did 33% fire, 34% cold, 34% lightning now).

Fun fact: In vanilla, IEE gives 30% chance of burn, 35% chance of electrocute, and 35% chance of frostburn… so burn builds benefit less from IEE a tad hahahaha. the more you knowwwww (That’s also why I’m giving fire the 1% less chance, to stay true to vanilla lol)

Hotfix v0.2 C


  • Fixed a bug with Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange where it was not correctly applying a variance of damage types (the char sheet still displays incorrect values for some reason).
  • Fixed a bug where Rank 1 Summon Familiar had no Storm Orb.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hellhound was being summoned incorrectly and thus had no skills.

[Class & Skills]


  • The Storm Orb (Raven’s autoattack) now has increased Projectile Speed and an Area of Effect component, alongside a larger projectile model.

Just wanted to clarify a couple things:
For IEE, the character sheet bug happens in vanilla too. Nothing we can do about it without working on the engine itself I think. And that’s not what we want to do. It still will only show fire damage added, but it DOES do all three types of damage now. We checked.

And the new storm orb is a lot of fun. I may tinker with it more in the future but raven actually appears to be a thing now. Enjoy.

Hello there! First of all, congrats for your mod! Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask but does this mean that in vanilla IEE does only fire damage? I’m using a magic swords build that rely heavily on that and if this is the case i have to switch things up because i’m at 1400% cold and only 600 fire :confused:

No. Vanilla is fine.