GD:Cornucopia v0.2: Devotion Overhaul and Mastery Tweaks

Grim Dawn: Cornucopia v0.2

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Disclaimer: Please respec out of ALL SKILLS AND CONSTELLATIONS prior to loading this update to the mod. If you don’t, it is very likely your skill points will be overwritten and lost! Mastery investment is irrelevant and should not be a problem (assuming you’re using a Cornucopia v0.1 character). For this release and this release only, Devotion and Skill respec tier requirements now take four times more respecs before their prices go up. Aether Crystal requirements for respeccing Devotion have been removed as well. Again, these cost reductions apply ONLY to this release. Future releases will be returning to traditional respec costs (unless we decide to edit them for balancing purposes…). If you don’t read this and lose skill/devotion points, you can use trainer to manually add them back in.

Extract the .zip file to the ‘mods’ folder (you’ll need to make this folder if it doesn’t exist already) in the installation directory for Grim Dawn. That is, for Steam, Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/[EXTRACT HERE]


Adoomgod and I are happy to present you all v0.2 of Cornucopia. In this version we tweaked 44 constellations (out of 84), revisited a few of our skill changes from v0.1, and added changes to 16 more, for a total of 78 skills changed.

We’re particularly excited to bring you this version as the changes in devotion now add a layer of complexity that allows for the meta to shift toward what we had in mind. Please do let us know if some of the changes to any particular constellation fell short or went too far, and please keep giving us feedback on skills. As we said before, please keep this thread solely for feedback on this release, questions pertaining to future development belong in the discussion thread.

Have fun!

v0.2 Hotfix K

[spoiler][Classes & Skills]

Nerfed Ulzuin’s Chosen by 20%. I’m not even convinced this is enough. Also added 15% reflected damage resistance, hopefully now reflect mobs won’t make you explode as much.[/spoiler]

v0.2 Hotfix J

Lifted many of the restrictions on what skills can be assigned to various Celestial Powers, opening up new skill/devotion combinations that were previously not possible. As in Vanilla. So this means devotion abilities should be able to be tied to more player skills than before, including the aether tendril fix. Let me know if i missed something from vanilla, as I did all this manually.

v0.2 Hotfix I[spoiler]
Anything not included from vanilla is because we liked what we did better/disagreed with the change.

Included all changes that weren’t already automatically updated.

Fixed all items. +skills are working again, including on the new items from All items are up to date with Also, this isn’t hotfix related but all other item changes were automatically updated when released.


  • [li]Aeon’s Hourglass[/li]Node 2: DoT duration reduction 33% -> 25%.
    [li]Chariot of the Dead[/li]Node 6: 3% OA and 10 OA -> 4% OA and 15 OA, as in vanilla
    [li]Falcon[/li]Falcon Swoop: Weapon damage at all ranks reduced by a flat 5%, like in vanilla, cd 1 -> 1.2 (We felt their nerf of 1 -> 2 was a bit much)
    [li]Huntress[/li]Rend: Incorporated bleeding nerf
    [li]Hydra[/li]Node 3: Added 3% cunning.
    Node 4: Replaced 2% hp with 5% attack speed.
    [li]Lizard[/li]Node 1: Replaced 15% constituation with 10 DA
    Node 2: 50 hp -> 100 hp
    Node 3: Replaced 15% constitution with 10 OA
    [li]Spear of the Heavens[/li]Spear of the Heavens: explosion radius 1.5 -> 1.8
    [li]Wolverine[/li]Node 5: 3% DA -> 4% DA

[Class & Skills]
Incorporated brimstone and static strike nerf.
Incorporated Devastation Nerf
Incorporated Heart of the Wild nerf, and wind devil buffs.[/spoiler]

v0.2 Hotfix G

[spoiler][Class and Skills]

  • Cadence: Base Skill now gives scaling lifesteal. Duration of charges increased from 16 to 24 seconds.
  • Ravage: Renamed to Shred. Now requires ranged weapons, not melee. Grants 3 extra projectiles to Fighting Form at a multiplicative 20% damage loss. No longer provides lifesteal.
  • Fighting Form: No longer grants bonus projectiles under ultimate ranks (still gives up to 4 by rank 22/12). Bleed Damage replaced with Internal Trauma damage. The angle for melee targets to be hit is now 360 degrees at all ranks.


  • Doom Bolt: The Default Celestial Power no longer grants % Weapon Damage, but now grants substantially more Chaos damage as well as newfound Vitality damage. It should be stronger in most cases. Doom Bolt itself was somewhat returned. The Vitality and Chaos damage was reduced by 10%, however its area of effect was raised from 2.5 to 3 meters in radius.
  • Bloody Pox skill line - Improved contagion effectiveness: Spread interval 1.3 -> 1.1, spread range 4.0 -> 4.5, spreads to 2 more targets -> 3, duration 5 -> 5.5. Buffed ultimate rank damage scaling, lowered early rank damage scaling a smidgen. Also brought wasting down a little and black death up a little to make their base values equal. Buffed Bloody Pox itself the most since bleeding doesn’t benefit from spirit like poison and vitality damage. Also buffed the scaling of -%hp regen on Bloody Pox and -hp regen on wasting.


  • +Node 1: Pierce damage 30% -> 40%. Added 3% movespeed Doom Note: This also makes it an interesting choice for excess devotion points for people who just want to move a little faster
    Node 2: 15 cunning -> 22 cunning
  • +Node 4: Added 10% reflected damage resistance. An expert Assassin would not have his own attacks turned against him so easily.
  • +Node 5: Added 15 OA

Assassin’s Blade

  • Node 3: +15% Bleed -> +15% Physical
  • Node 4: +30% Bleed -> +30% physical


  • ±Node 3: Replaced flat physical damage with Internal Trauma, and the base value is now a bit above average.

Unknown Soldier

[li]Living Shadow - Increased base hp. Increased starting pet cap to 2, scales up to 4. Lowered base cooldown 6 -> 5.5, and lowers again to 5 when you unlock the fourth shadow (rank 8). Increased their duration to live by 2 seconds at all ranks. Increased their max damage by 10% on all their abilitities, basic attack, and first attack procs (shadows have the 3 nightblade passive weapon procs). Increased their third attack proc’s (a jump attack animation) damage by 15%. increased their shadow strike’s damage by 15% and increased the bleed duration from 1 -> 2 to make it the same as their other attacks. Made it so at levels 9 and 10, living shadows cast shadow strike slightly more often. This is obviously a lot of changes so feedback would be appreciated.[/li]

Hotfix v0.2 F[spoiler]

  • Fixed Bysmiel’s Bonds constellation having missing nodes.
  • Fixed Oleron’s constellation having incorrect affinity requirements.
  • Removed lots of extraneous files in the mod (reducing mod size by ~10 megabytes).


  • Meteor Shower: Reduced active duration from 5 to 4 seconds. Reduced Burn Damage by ~30% and Flat Physical/Fire damage by ~7.5%.
  • Berzerker: Lifesteal on Node 4 up from 3% to 5%. Node 5 now reduces Armor Piercing by 66%. (We’ll give Brutallax more Armor Piercing during our itemization pass to compensate for this.)
  • Rhowan’s Scepter: Node 3 now grants 125 health. Node 4 now reduces enemy armor by 60 for 3 seconds.


[li]Tremor: Removed Weapon Damage and Damage Modification penalties. Now has a -85% Total Damage penalty. The goal here is to make Tremor still weak for an underdeveloped/geared forcewave during the earlier stages of the game while also being at least viable during lategame in comparison with something like Blade Arc, which is less expensive to invest in but easier to spam.[/li]

Hotfix v0.2 E[spoiler]
[Class & Skills]


[li]Ravage - Nerfed damage modifier 100% -> 80%. Targets 4 -> 2. Was too strong.[/li]

Hotfix v0.2 D[spoiler]
[Class & Skills]

  • Ring of Venom: Freeze -> Petrify



  • Reverted attack speed/run speed slow retaliation back to 20%.

Ulzuin’s Torch

[li]Target Radius reduced to 18. Duration 8 -> 5. Cool down reduced 7 seconds at all ranks. Physical/Fire/Burn damage increased 25%. Reduced size of meteors by a teensy bit. Now can’t be cast on Blade Spirit or Wind Devil to remove cooldown exploit.[/ul][/spoiler][/li]
Hotfix v0.2 C[spoiler]

  • Fixed a bug with Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange where it was not correctly applying a variance of damage types (the char sheet still displays incorrect values for some reason).
  • Fixed a bug where Rank 1 Summon Familiar had no Storm Orb.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hellhound was being summoned incorrectly and thus had no skills.

[Class & Skills]


[li]The Storm Orb (Raven’s autoattack) now has increased Projectile Speed and an Area of Effect component, alongside a larger projectile model.[/li]

(Hotfix B not mentioned because it only had bugfixes)

Hotfix v0.2 A[spoiler]


  • Fixed a bug where +All Skills on some individual items was not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some set bonuses were not working correctly.

[Class & Skills]

  • To make way for a new Transmuter, the Soldier mastery had some of its early rank-skills shifted around:
  • Blitz is now a Tier 4 skill (15/50).
  • Fighting Form is now a Tier 3 skill (10/50).

[li]There is a new Transmuter which requires Fighting Form to use.[/li]
[li]New Transmuter: Ravage: “Insurmountable force pummels the area around you, crushing all nearby enemies in an even greater strike and sapping them of their life-force. Requires a melee weapon.”[/li]
[li]Cadence: Flat Physical Damage reduced by 25% at all ranks.[/li]
[li]Fighting Form: Bonus Projectiles rescaled. You will not see a 3rd projectile until rank 12/12, and a 4th until rank 16/12. After that, Ultimate-rank scaling is the same.[/li][/LIST][/spoiler]


  • new stat entirely
  • removed stat
  • changed amount
    ~ rework


  • Fixed a bug where +All Skills on Items and Setbonuses was not applying correctly.

[Class & Skills]

Ceno note: It grew pretty obvious pretty quickly that DW ranged cadence, what with the extra projectiles, had the potential to scale well beyond reason. DW has always made better usage of flat damage than 2H does, primarily because of attack speed. Shifting the focus of Cadence toward a % Weapon Damage skill while also offering a bit of flat damage should be a healthier balance overall for the skill without changing its new mechanics. This could remain quite strong to the point of being vastly overpowered when compared with other skills, but it should at least have an equilibrium between its weapon types now, and reducing both the flat damage and the weapon damage by the multiplicatively same factor ought to maintain that equilibrium if we need to balance this skill more.

[li]*Cadence: Part 1:[/li]Physical Damage is no longer a range of Physical Damage, however its values are still marginally higher than that of Vanilla Grim Dawn, % Weapon Damage Increased and rescaled to favor 2H weapons more so than DW. % Weapon Damage now starts lower but scales much better with rank, especially into Ultimate ranks, where at 26/16 Cadence’s proc will deal a whopping 760% Weapon Damage (average 232% Weapon Damage/attack, ignoring WPS (400%+760%/5 attacks)).
[li]*Cadence: Part 2:[/li]Rescaled how often Cadence procs. At Rank 1 and 2, Cadence will proc on every other strike. At Ranks 3+, it’ll proc on every third strike, as it does in Vanilla GD. At Ranks 7+, it’ll proc on every fourth strike. From Rank 13 and on, it’ll proc on every 5th strike, as it had in version v0.1 of this mod. The goal here is to promote synergy with WPS skills at higher ranks while also making Cadence not so infrequently proc’d during the leveling phase of the game. This mod isn’t especially concerned with things being overpowered during the leveling phase, but if Cadence now does too much damage too often at low levels, let us know and we’ll tune lower ranks back a bit.
[li]Fighting Form: Shifted extra targets down two ranks. That is to say, you’ll get extra targets two ranks quicker than in the previous version of the mod. Finagled with a couple cutoff points and Ultimate ranks to encourage investment at higher ranks.[/li]
[li]±Deadly Momentum: No longer gives +% Physical, Internal Trauma, or Bleeding Damage. Instead, gives scaling +% All Damage.[/li]
[li]+Blitz: Now gives +% All Damage, scaling. Scaling is between +6% and +7% under level 16, and stays around 7% in Ultimate ranks aside from the final three levels (24, 25, 26). [/li]
+Blindside: Now gives % Chance to Fumble Melee Attacks debuff to enemies for 1-2 seconds. The Fumble Chance scales, but the duration does not. Energy Cost increased slightly at all ranks.[/li]
[li]Shield Training: Block Chance increased by 0.275% (additive) per rank, rounded up. Shield Recovery increased by 0.185% (additive) per rank, rounded up.[/li]
+Zolhan’s Technique: % Weapon Damage at ranks 10+ increased by 10% (multiplicative). Also at ranks 10+, gains +% All Damage. [/ul][/li]

[li]+Ground Slam: Increased:Internal Trauma Damage by 15%. More likely to ‘taunt’ targets (but hell if I know how taunt mechanics work). Now applies a scaling movement slow (25%-30% from level 1 to max ultimate rank) for a scaling duration (3.8 seconds to 9 seconds). Minimum Physical Damage increased by 15%, Maximum Physical Damage increased by 12.5%. [/li]
-+Oak Skin: % Total Retaliation scaling in Ultimate Ranks improved. Removed bonus armor, now gives a % increase to your armor value (like Field Command). For both Casters and Heavy Armor users, this should be a buff to your overall Armor values if you max the skill (10/10) or put it into Ultimate ranks, but it will be more noticeable for those wearing Heavy Armor. At low ranks and for the leveling phase of the game, this may actually be a nerf to the skill.[/li]
[li]*+Storm Surge: Now gives ~+4.5% Chance for Projectiles to Pierce per rank. The goal of this was to increase the popularity of this skill (largely unused) by providing a means for non-Vortex of Souls builds to emulate jajaja’s Piercing Primal Strike Conjurer. As this chance does not reach 100% ever (99% at max ultimate rank, 54% at 12/12) it remains strictly inferior to a Vortex of Souls build, so in this vein even VoS is still a very special way to play a ranged Primal Strike build (especially since you’d save skillpoints). Bleeding Damage increased by 33%.[/li]
[li]+Feral Hunger: Tried to make the skill a little more regenerative, so gave it 3 Life Leech damage per second per rank for 4 seconds at all ranks. This is in addition to its already-existing Attack Damage Converted to Health. Still has no effect on bosses in Ultimate, but we’ll get there.[/li]
[li]Savagery: Charge Duration reduced from 6 to 3.5 seconds so as to encourage you to keep up the fight between enemy spawns, as your charges will decay more rapidly if you don’t.[/li]
+Tenacity of the Boar: Now gives a scaling low % chance of scaling very high Physical Resist. At 22/12, you’ll get a meager 12% chance of 50% Physical Resist, plus it only works while Savagery is up, which due to the previous change to the charge timer will hopefully promote and enforce more aggressive play with the skill. OA increased by 5% and DA increased by 7.5% at all ranks. If the OA/DA gain in Ultimate ranks isn’t worth the investment for them, the scaling therein can be improved. Let us know.[/li]
[li]*Stormcaller’s Pact: % Crit Damage reduced by 14%. Max Lightning Damage reduced by 30%. Ceno note: This was my mistake here. 14% seems a bit arbitrary but I tested this a lot and it ‘feels’ best without being as overpowered as I had originally made it. The other factors of the skill are more or less balanced. [/ul][/li]

[li]±Possession: Removed scaling Energy Cost/sec. (It was the only Exclusive Skill to still have one, and a high one at that, making it notably more punishing for hybrid builds.) In fact, now gives a slight scaling +% Energy Regeneration boost too (25% at 12/12, 45% at 22/12). Occultist casters, especially Warlocks, tended to struggle to keep up with their energy demand; this should help mitigate, but not remove, that challenge.[/li]
[li]+Summon Familiar: The Raven’s Storm Orb autoattack now has a 100% chance to pierce targets.[/li]
[li]~Lightning Strike: Reworked. Renamed to ‘Lightning Storm’ with moderate AoE Lightning Damage over time, similar to the skill found on the Squall relic.[/li]
[li]*Summon Hellhound: Made it somewhat tankier. Should have 4k more base health at level 85. Let us know if this is too much or still not enough. [/li]
[li]*Infernal Breath: Burn Damage increased by 50%. Fire Damage is no longer a range and increased by 180% based off the former minimum damage. Chaos Damage increased by 120%. [/ul][/li]

[li]+Merciless Repertoire: At ranks 8+, now gives % DA, scaling slowly. At ranks 10+, now gives % OA, scaling slowly. At 22/12, the values are 8% DA and 6% OA. [/ul][/li]

[li]Ulzuin’s Chosen: Aside from Lightning, the AoE damage is no longer a range of damages, and has been reduced significantly, more or less by 17% off its minimum values. CDR maxes out at 20%, same as Star Pact now. Energy Absorption reduced and rescaled, % Chance of Energy Cost Reduction now scales with rank and the actual amount of cost reduction also scales beyond rank 5.[/li]
+Temper: Now gives scaling Defensive Ability along the lines of Flame Touched’s Offensive Ability, though a hair higher. Bonus armor increased by 30%.[/li]
[li]*Concussive Bomb: Organization of variants and values thereof reworked. Ranks 1/3 and 3/3 were effectively swapped, though their precise values were tweaked as well. Rank 1/3 now launches two Canister Bombs for -55% multiplicative damage (up from -60%). Rank 2/3 remains the same as it was before (less damage + stun). Rank 3/3 deals more multiplicative damage, 30% up from 15%.[/li]
[li]*Mortar Trap: Target radius 1.5 -> 1.0, projectile radius 3.0 -> 3.5. We also tweaked some behind the scenes stuff pertaining to how it drops, projectile speed etc. so it should feel a bit more accurate. This is a minor change and fast moving targets may still escape the radius.[/ul][/li]

[li]Abomination[/li]*Affinity Required: 18 eldritch/8 chaos -> 15 eldritch/5 chaos

[li]Aeon’s Hourglass[/li]*Node 2: DA 25 -> 45. Burn/Electrocute/Frostburn reduction 20% ->33%.
*+Node 4: DA 35 -> 60. Added 20% Stun Resist.
*Node 5: Dodge/Deflect 6% -> 8%. Added 6% cdr.
+Time Stop: Added flat 20% impaired aim and fumble for 4 seconds, added scaling enemy % damage reduction up to 15% for 3 seconds. Radius 3 -> 5
*Affinity Required: 18 primordial/8 chaos -> 15 primordial/5 chaos
Doom Note: There were many more obvious and easy buffs I could have put here but I wanted to try and stay within this constellation’s theme and still keep it appealing.

[li]Affliction[/li]+Node 4: Added 4% spirit.
*+Fetid Pool: Vitality and poison dmg increased 15%. Added decrease target’s resistances 5%.

[li]Anvil[/li]*Node 1: DA 10 -> 15
*Node 2: Physique 10 -> 15
+Node 3: Added 1% physical resist
*Node 4: DA 15 -> 25
*Targo’s Hammer: Chance to Proc 25% -> 33%. No longer collides and vanishes when hitting enemy projectiles. Increased physical damage 33%.

[li]Amatok[/li]*Blizzard: Projectiles 8 -> 20, target radius 6 -> 8, Weapon Damage 10% -> 15%. Cold and Frostburn damage increased 10%. Let us know if it’s still relatively weak compared to say… whirlpool.

[li]Autumn Boar[/li]+Node 2: Added 40 hp
+Node 3: Added 40 hp
+Node 6: Added 3% hp

[li]Behemoth[/li]*Node 1: 10 hp regen -> 12
*Node 3: 15 hp regen -> 20
*Node 4: 4% health -> 5%
*Node 5: 10% bonus regen -> 15%.

[li]Blind Sage[/li]*Affinity cost: Reduced eldritch required 18 -> 15, Ascendent 10 -> 5
+Node 2: Added 40 hp
+Node 3: Added 40 hp

[li]Bysmiel’s Bonds[/li]*+Bysmiel’s Command: Added pet limit 2, now summons 2 at a time, and life time increased 20s -> 22. [i]Doom Note:I always felt this pet was weak compared to other pets, but I’m sowing the seed of making a hybrid poison/acid pet build a thing. I will do more down the line later for this. If the skill is too strong in the early game now, let me know and i’ll just bump it’s early scaling down while leaving it’s middle-late ranks unchanged.[i]

[li]Chariot of the Dead[/li]+Node 3: Added 30 hp
*+Node 4: Increased Vitality resist 10% -> 12%, Added 15 hp.
*Wayward Soul: Cooldown decreased by 2 at all ranks. Our hope is that with the added hp and DA we’re tossing around everywhere, this skill will feel more powerful despite this very slight buff.

[li]Crab[/li]+Node 1: Added 50 hp.
*±Node 2: Added 4% hp, removed trauma dmg, increased elemental dmg 30% -> 70%.
*Node 4: DA 10 -> 30
+Node 5: Added 65 hp.
*+Elemental Barrier -> Magic Barrier: Now affects Vitality damage as well. Changed to 15% on being hit, adjusted cooldown: now 35s - 18s (ranks 1 - 15). Buffed Absorb by a little over 10%. Added slight scaling max elemental resists (up to 5%) and 20% reduction to elemental DoT duration while active. Added scaling hp regeneration up to 120. Do crabs regenerate? They do now.

[li]Crane[/li]+Node 2: Added 25 hp
+Node 4: Added 25 hp
+Node 5: Added 25 hp

[li]Dying God[/li]Hungering Void: Reduced health cost by 33%. Improved %Dmg bonus scaling, now up to +325% Chaos and Vitality. Crit Damage bonus now starts at 15% and scales to 40%. Max duration reduced 20s -> 15s to compensate for this buff.

[li]Eel[/li]*Node 1: Dodge Melee 2% -> 3%, DA 10 -> 15,
*Node 2: Dodge Projectile 2% -> 3%, DA 10 -> 15,
+Node 3: Added 25 hp.

[li]Eye of the Guardian[/li]*Node 1: Added 20 hp
*Node 3: Added 20 hp
*Guardian’s Gaze: % weapon dmg now starts lower at 13%, but can now scale up to 25% (originally 18% all ranks). Eyes now last 25% longer (10s -> 12.5s)

[li]Fiend[/li]+Node 1: Added 15 hp
+Node 2: Added 15 hp, +25% pet fire damage -> +35%
+Node 3: Added 15 hp
*Node 4: +40% pet fire damage -> +55%.

[li]Gallows[/li]+Node 2: Added 75 hp
+Node 4: Added 6 Chaos dmg to match the vitality dmg.

[li]Ghoul[/li]+Node 1: Added 20 hp
+Node 2: Added 20 hp
+Node 3: Added 20 hp
+Node 4: Added 14 vitality decay/sec for 3 seconds
*Ghoulish Hunger: Now procs at 50% hp. Cooldown reduced by 12 seconds (at all ranks) from vanilla.

[li]Hammer[/li]+Node 1: Added +2% physique.
*Node 2: Internal Trauma +30% -> 45%, DA 8 -> 15
*+Node 3: Internal Trauma +30% -> 45%, added 6 flat physical damage.

[li]Harpy[/li]+Node 2: Added 10 spirit, 40 hp
+Node 4: Added flat 4-6 cold damage.

[li]Harvestman’s Scythe[/li]+Node 2: Added 50 hp and 2% hp.
*+Node 3: Added 100 hp and 3% hp. Physique bonus 4% -> 5%.
*+Node 4: Hp regen 20% -> 30%. Added 6 hp regen
+Node 5: Added 1 Energy Regen
*+Node 6: Cunning/Spirit Bonus 4% -> 5%, Added 6% dmg to beasts.

[li]Hound[/li]+Node 1: Added 40 hp
*Node 2: 30 pierce retaliation -> 45
+Node 3: Added 30% reflect

[li]Hydra[/li]+Node 3: Added 3% total speed
*+Node 4: OA 20 -> 30, added 2% hp.

[li]Imp[/li]*Node 2: 10 spirit -> 15 spirit
+Node 3: Added 25 hp
*Aetherfire: Duration now scales from 3s -> 5s.

[li]Jackal[/li]+Node 1: Added 35 hp

[li]Leviathan[/li]Affinity Cost: 13 ascendant/13 eldritch -> 10 ascendant/10 eldritch

[li]Light of the Empyrion[/li]+Node 1: Added 100 hp
+Node 2: Added 125% fire dmg for pets
+Node 3: Added 150 hp
*Light of the Empyrion: Improved to 33% chance on being hit by melee. Improved weapon damage by an additive 10%. Improved fire damage 45% all ranks and burn damage by 65% all ranks. Increased radius 5 -> 6.5. Now reduces enemy elemental resist 10%. Praise the Sun! [T]/
*Affinity Cost: 18 primordial/8 order -> 15 primordial/5 order

[li]Messenger of War[/li]*+Node 2: Physique 10 -> 15, added 65 hp.
*+Node 3: Armor 50 -> 60, added increase armor 4%.
*+Node 5: Reflect 25% -> 40%, added 5% reflected damage reduction
+Messanger of War: Added Scaling %reflect, up to 200%.

[li]Mogdrogen the Wolf[/li]Affinity Cost: 15 ascendant/12 eldritch -> 15 ascendant/5 eldritch

[li]Oleron[/li]Affinity Cost: 20 ascendant/7 order -> 15 ascendant/5 order

[li]Panther[/li]*Node 3: Added 50 hp.

[li]Rat[/li]*Node 2: 8 poison dmg -> 10
*Node 4: 12 poison dmg -> 14

[li]Revenant[/li]*±Raise the Dead: Improved life duration scaling from 10s - 25s (ranks 1 - 15) to 20s - 35s. Increased max pet limit 5 -> 7. Added vitality damage, lowered physical damage just a tad. Vitality dmg is slightly higher than the physical damage originally was. Improved HP.

[li]Spear of the Heavens[/li]*+Spear of the Heavens: Does 50% more aether and lightning damage at all ranks. Added 50% chance to do 33% bonus crit dmg. Cooldown scales from it’s original 1 second to .8 seconds at max level as well. Stun 1s -> 1.5s, jumps to 2s at 10/10.
*Affinity Required: 20 primordial/7 chaos -> 15 primordial/4 chaos

[li]Spider[/li]*+Node 1: 10 cunning/spirit -> 15 cunning/spirit, Added 30 hp
*+Node 2: 10 OA -> 15 OA, Added 10% slow resist.
*+Node 3: 10 DA -> 15 DA, Added 20 hp
*Node 4: 3% cunning/spirit -> 4% cunning/spirit
*Node 5: 20% attack/movement slow retaliation -> 25%.

[li]Targo the Builder[/li]+Node 3: Added Increased Armor Absorption 10% (multiplicative).
+Node 6: Added -6% shield recovery time
Shield Wall: Improved reflect scaling, up to 200% at 15/15. Added 3% damage absorb.

[li]Tempest[/li]*Node 1: 40% lightning dmg -> 50%
*+Node 2: 1 - 24 lightning dmg -> 1 - 26. Added 1 - 400 lightning retaliation.
*Node 4: 10 OA -> 25.
±Node 5: Replaced 3% movement speed with total speed.
*Node 6: +50% electrocute/+30% duration -> 75%/50%. 15 OA -> 25.
Reckless Tempest: Added a scaling movespeed slow for 3 seconds. Higher end of damage increased by 35%. Every 5 levels increases duration by 0.5 seconds (which = 1 extra instance of damage). Max target scaling overhauled; scales up to 5 targets.

[li]Tree of Life[/li]*Affinity Cost: 20 primordial/7 order -> 15 primordial/5 order

[li]Ulo Keeper of the Waters[/li]+Node 1: Added +2 energy regen
+Node 2: Added 200 hp
+Node 3: Added 10% energy, 5% cast speed
+Node 4: Added 3% total speed, 15% energy regen
*+Cleansing Waters: Lowered cooldown by a flat 4 seconds at all ranks. Added Cold Damage. Radius now scales to 4.5

[li]Ulzuin’s torch[/li]*Meteor Shower: Target Radius 6 -> 23, explosion radius 2 -> 3.5, Duration 3 -> 8 seconds, Cooldown 3.5 -> 45 - 35 (ranks 1 - 10), projectiles 1 -> 2, interval 2 -> 1.5, Physical damage increased 200%, Fire damage increased 250%, Burn damage increased 280%, Burn duration 2 -> 4. Also edited a few things like projectile speed and variation. No idea how this will scale into the late game, let us know.

[li]Wolverine[/li]*Node 1: DA 15 -> 30
+Node 2: Added 35 hp
*+Node 3: DA 18 -> 36, Added 50 hp

[li]Wraith[/li]*Node 1: 15% lightning/aether dmg -> 20%
+Node 2: Added +2% OA
*Node 3: OA 10 -> 30

[li]Viper[/li]*Node 4: Reduced % elemental resist reduction 20% -> 8%.

[li]Vulture[/li]+Node 2: Added 35 hp
*Node 3: Life Leech 15 dmg/s -> 22
*Node 4: Cunning +5% -> 7% [/ul]

Old Version: v0.1
Development Thread: Development Thread

Editing the constellations was quite the exercise in game design.
It’s such an intricate little puzzle of stats. Some stats being commonplace, and others being limited to only 3 or 2 constellations.
We were given the opportunity not to just improve the general quality, but also to add flavor that stays within a constellation’s theme.

We are FAR from finished working on devotion, as the potential here is so great.
I myself particularly enjoyed putting some weird things here and there, in the hopes that vigilant players will be able to foresee my plans for future changes on items/monsters/content that will hopefully open up new build archetypes.

Also we fixed item skills, so now they all work, and should always work from here on out. As a result, this should be the LAST build you ever have to respec for, unless for some reason crate ends up renaming a skill or something. So that’s GREAT. OH, and if you didn’t read it above for reason, that’s right. Please respec your constellations and skills before updating to this version to ensure you don’t lose any points.

As Ceno just discussed with me as I am writing this post, this release is exciting because we’ve basically finished our first attempt at touching everything that is player choice. Skills and devotions you choose, but you can’t control what items drop for you. Thus, in many ways, the part of the game that’s most in your face has been fully addressed in this mod. Well… not attribute points. We’ll still talk about those.

This is a build I’m open to hotfixing little changes. If someone points out something is still too good or weak relative to something else, I can easily hotfix another 10-20% dmg or something. Just let me know and share your character file so I can decide for myself if I agree with you.

Nice work, guys! I look forward to the final version of corn-mod. Thanks a lot.

*+Temper: Now gives scaling Defensive Ability along the lines of Flame Touched’s Offensive Ability, though a hair higher. Bonus armor increased by 30%.

You actually gave Temper OA instead of DA.

Also, after updating the mod all the items from my shared stash dissapeared. I did copy the transfer.gst from /My Game/Grim Dawn/save/Cornucopia001 to Cornucopia002 but that didn’t work at all.

Yeah… :stuck_out_tongue:

The stash file itself may be coded to be able to tell which mod it came from. If we kept the name 001 it might have still worked…

sorry, and thanks for the warning. Ceno will put that up when he’s awake.

Temper will be changed to DA. woops

Very nice work. Now more skills and devotions are worth it. I appreciate the tiered-skills you added : new stats or proc that unlock as you spend points in a skill(like torchlight 2)
Since i tried your mod, i can’t return to vanilla.

Temper has been fixed. Will be part of a hotfix tomorrow. Also included: a nerf to Cadence, as its overperforming with Ranged (still). I think this may result in us needing to replace the Discord transmuter or add in another transmuter to the mastery. We’ll see.

If you find anything else that’s broken (mechanically or balance-wise), let us know!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

RE: The stash file thing: technically speaking we can actually use the old nomenclature of the mod. Could be wise. I’ll look into it.

Edit: The reason we used the new nomenclature was to give people an easy way to respec their points in light of the above disclaimer, i.e., loading the old-named mod, respeccing out, loading the new-named mod, speccing back in.

Some sets are broken in v0.2. There aren’t any set stats on them (Explorer’s Garments, The Eastern Pledge, The Praetorian, The Sharpshooter set etc, to name a few) while other’s seem to work just fine (Ulzuin’s set, Valdun’s etc.)

Any idea what might be the problem here?

Thanks. It’s an idea I personally want to play with more. We can actually do MORE with the tier that is ultimate skill ranks in GD than TL2 because ultimate ranks are “gated” by items which require both luck and high lvl to achieve a lot of.

For example it’s basically impossible to get +10 at low levels, but much easier at high lvls, yet even at high lvls it’ll take some time and luck. Thus we can make it so that there are really powerful effects tucked away in some skills’ ultimate ranks.

hi guys, thx for your huge work… a couple of little errors i found :
playerclass03\pets\pet_raven_a01_corn.dbr and
both of them has a couple of references to a “*_corn_corn.dbr” file , that it’s obviously a non-existant one.

I also found interesting a couple of changing values existing in the same pet_raven_a01_corn.dbr file :


The colored ones are changing to very different values in all of the other level files.

It’s not your work… those values are the original ones, but they are anyway weird…
All of those values does not change at all from file 02 up to file 26… so what’s the error ? The first one or all of the others?
IMHO, Raven is not doing lot of damage, and, as it’s flying, it should just be something a little more “unstoppable”,
and maybe replying those high 500 def against CC could be a better choice.


Crap man, either you (Ceno) had the same issue I did, or you ended up using my files.

I should have warned you I only checked a few at random in vi, never in game.

But I saw this bug and thought I caught it and fixed it just before work. I had the records in memory, ran the substitution and then ran the substitution again during testing and they just kept growing it onto the path.

But before zipping, I know I re-read all the vanilla records and just ran it one last time.

Anyway, maybe you had same issue I had (described above).

We screwed up. It’s just a linking problem. Easy enough to fix. I noticed it just an hour ago on miasma.

@clay. Raven is still a work in progress. I’ll personally keep an eye on it and get creative as I have some plans for lightning pet hybrid builds being a thing later.

As for _corn_corns, well he wrote a script and probably forgot to factor in where we already _corn’d stuff. Also will fix tomorrow.

Thanks for the bug replies guys.

That will be easy to fix with the java program he made :slight_smile:
Just need to replace “corn.corn.dbr” with “corn.dbr” and should be auto-fixed.

I was reading the change on the constellations, I really like most of the changes but I don’t understand why you buffed Targo’s Hammer :eek:

This devotion is already very OP imo, and the proc chance when combined with Overguard and maxed passsive from Soldier is pretty insane.

I also kinda liked the fact it collided with projectiles and break them, like a Projectile Shield. But I can see that as a nerf considering the increase in damage and proc chance.

Soldier with shield are really insanely resistant and pretty good at clearing, I think the buff for this devotion is not really needed.

But hey :slight_smile: That’s just my opinion, right?

I think the familiar needs to have a lightning tendril attack (like the spirit pet in TQ) as it’s default so it can actually hit moving targets. I’d rather have that than even a projectile that pierces, unless you crank up the projectile speed a shitton.

Also, minor, but the trauma on crab was actually a useful stat for one of my builds :confused:

I’m aware, and since I’m having a chill day with my girl I’ll just wait for him to come back on and do so.

As for Targo’s, I may just be misinformed because I’m not a big shield user but someone told me the projectile breaking was super annoying. If it’s too strong now I’ll tone it down… make me a character ? :]

I can buff the shit out of projectile speed.

Things I’m personally considering doing to it:
1 Making familiar projectile shotgun, that scales projectiles with level.
2 Making familiar orbs bigger, bigger collision, faster speed.
3 Making familiar have chain lightning attack.

I’m leaning toward 2 because it stays in line with Crate’s design and I want to do the chain lightning on a legendary version of the lightning hound relic I’ll make after this mod is done and Ceno and I start making new content instead of just editing existing content.

Sorry about the trauma. Crab’s a lot better now in general though, and 70% really shouldn’t be that much. I added a bit of trauma elsewhere, and if enough people bother me about this I’ll figure out how to work it back in.

Overguard doesn’t have 100% up-time and you need to check what “OP” means, because Targo’s is far from OP.
In fact you will have better damage output with Guardian’s Gaze while at the same time spam it regardless the amount of incoming attacks.

More like anything with AoE attacks will happily wipe out your hammers.

Oh look someone who likes my targo change. I immediately like you for agreeing with me.:stuck_out_tongue:

+skills on individual items AND on sets should now be fixed. Will be part of incoming hotfix.

Hotfix v0.2 A

Dropbox Link
Mirror Link


  • Fixed a bug where +All Skills on some individual items was not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where some set bonuses were not working correctly.

[Class & Skills]

  • To make way for a new Transmuter, the Soldier mastery had some of its early rank-skills shifted around:
  • Blitz is now a Tier 4 skill (15/50).
  • Fighting Form is now a Tier 3 skill (10/50).

[li]There is a new Transmuter which requires Fighting Form to use.[/li]
[li]New Transmuter: Ravage: “Insurmountable force pummels the area around you, crushing all nearby enemies in an even greater strike and sapping them of their life-force. Requires a melee weapon.”[/li]
[li]Cadence: Flat Physical Damage reduced by 25% at all ranks.[/li]
[li]Fighting Form: Bonus Projectiles rescaled. You will not see a 3rd projectile until rank 12/12, and a 4th until rank 16/12. After that, Ultimate-rank scaling is the same.[/li][/LIST]