GD:Cornucopia v0.2: Devotion Overhaul and Mastery Tweaks

  1. Dodge is a nice option to have. One we’ll keep an eye on, but I don’t see it as a problem yet.

  2. You’re welcome. Let me know if it’s too strong.

  3. Crane, you understand :).

  4. This change was made for long term vision. We will probably tone all two handers up and tone kraken down.

  5. Spear has been discussed. Plus it’s lightning too for warders.

  6. Fuck. I thought about that. Might hotfix it later.

  7. Sigh. I tried to make it an actual meteor shower. Which I did. You say it’s not desirable but you could always put it on a spell with a cooldown you put one point in and proc it selectively. But who am I kidding? I knew it’d be an issue. I could tone down the dmg and the cooldown… but meteors that tickle are lame.

I’ll adjust further.

Just play this version. I haven no idea what you have against respeccing… but you should never have to again after this version so you might as well. At some point you’re going to have to respec into the new version’s stuff so you’re just delaying the inevitable.

More on Meteor:

Meteor shower should feel like a meteor shower. I made it so.
Also the CD scales down to 35, and it does cooldown while it’s going off.
But the pet exploit ruins that, I basically have to make it shorter.
Actually maybe I can make it not be able to be put on pets. !!! OH I HAVE THINGS PLANNED FOR ALL OF YOU!

I get it and I’ll admit that I tend to go right when people go left. I’ll also point out that I despise Beronath and Shard anyway and think they should be completely removed from the game or shouldn’t replicate the weapon damage charge building Savagery mechanism.

What’s your intended design goal/purpose of the a high level Cadence anyway? Boss-killer? At every 5 attacks you’re likely over killing anything other than hard trash. Also at a 5 attack spacing it’s a high point investment after already speccing into some of the other WPS skills which you’ll need to fill in with now anyway. I completely agree that for 40 points its performance should be much much better but relegating it to one attack out of every five doesn’t seem to be the best answer. You’re using it less for more point investment, which seems counter purpose.

Really I sort of half expected you guys simply to just do away with the proc hit count entirely anyway because it is such a PITA to deal with.

Have you tried it tho? It hits like having your father disappointed in you now.
Don’t get me wrong, cadence is something I’ve debated with Ceno about and neither of us are happy with it yet. It’s a work in progress.

And I too want it to be a boss-killer with a dabbling of AoE for melee, but a nice projectile multiplier for ranged. There are a bunch of things we can do here. I REALLY like how he made it feel with ranged. Like a lot a lot. But it just makes the melee component feel terrible, which is why he added Ravage. I too, stare at the stats on it and grimace, but in practice it might not actually be that bad.

He added more targets to melee because… well clear speed efficiency. But I feel like it’s too much. I always thought that cadence was more of a play-style choice to be a bit slower bit hit a lot harder than other builds.

I’ve spent more time than I should brain-storming alternative ways to balance it.

All I’m saying is, give us time and feedback and we will make cadence into something fun and distinct despite it’s once every x hits mechanic.

Hotfix v0.2 D

[Class & Skills]

  • Ring of Venom: Freeze -> Petrify



  • Reverted attack speed/run speed slow retaliation back to 20%.

Ulzuin’s Torch

  • Target Radius reduced to 18. Duration 8 -> 5. Cool down reduced 7 seconds at all ranks. Physical/Fire/Burn damage increased 25%. Reduced size of meteors by a teensy bit. Now can’t be cast on Blade Spirit or Wind Devil to remove cooldown exploit.

I may be in the minority here, but I love the meteors that tickle. Let me frame this with my experience:

I play a spellbreaker. It’s the only thing I really enjoy in this game. Cold. A bit of Pierce. Very little Bleed. Shadow Striking all over the map, blowing OFF on cooldown and controlling everything in sight. Using the two invulner-abilities to tank bosses coupled with the crazy damage SS is capable of.

But I don’t play alone. I play with my brother, who loves his Demolitionist. Right now he’s paired up with Occultist, but he also has a Sorcerer. Both his specs use a lot of Fire Strike and blow aoe abilities like Grenado and Canister on groups.

So my love of Meteor is the graphic. I don’t know how much damage it does at all. I just think it looks cool. So maybe I don’t entirely understand the balancing of it at all. But I love freezing the entire screen as he blows Brimstone into the group of enemies and Meteor spawns off his Fire Strikes raining down chaos.

But maybe it’s not even as strong as Devastation. Maybe it should and maybe it shouldn’t be as strong or stronger. I know I don’t know the numbers nearly as well as you and Ceno do. But I love the visual proc and for me that is enough. Reducing the cooldown tenfold means less awesome visual procs, which would make me sad.

The pet exploit makes me very happy. But exploits shouldn’t be necessarily the way to play the game best.

The exploit should be gone now. I redid meteors stats. It shouldn’t be and isn’t as strong devastation. But it hits a larger area.

The visual is important but don’t tell me the numbers don’t matter to you. If it did 10000000 damage and one shot everything it’d make the game boringly easy.

I care about the visuals too. I spent a lot of time tweaking just the lookout meteor shower to make it feel good. (Compare it to vanilla’s)

But I am fine with making it tickle more if it’s cd is still too much of an inhibtor

Hotfix v0.2 E



  • Now properly gives 5% reduced target resists as it said in the patch notes.

tbh my brother and I do run around one shotting everything in vanilla. hasn’t gotten boring yet :slight_smile:

Looking forward to testing later. Did you end up putting the max level/devotion quest in? Playing through A1 with the revamped skills is fun, but it’ll take me quite some time before I can spec into Meteor Shower at this rate.

570 degree? How does it even work?

Not yet. If I’m feeling up to it I’ll work on it tonight. My dog just got her eye removed and it’s put me in a weird place.

Like 360 degrees.

Shit man, take care of yourself. How’s she doing?

The Xbox 570. It is like the 360, but 210 degress better. You can bake a turkey in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hotfix v0.2 F

[Class & Skills]


  • Ravage - Nerfed damage modifier 100% -> 80%. Targets 4 -> 2. Was too strong.

Just a reminder if we post a hotfix that means the download link on the first page has already been updated. So just redownload. No need to respec or anything ever again unless we specifically say so.

Thanks. She’s fine, she came out of it really well. And this will improve her quality of life significantly. It’s just that she’s my favorite family member and she’s just 12 pound so an eye seems like a big thing. If she was another 20 pounds heavier I wouldn’t even be half as concerned. She’s a fragile little thing. I’ll share pics once she’s better.

Hey guys!

After some testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that while the new changes are neat, Meteor shower has become this beast that I think needs to be scaled down a peg or two.

I love the change but I find myself waiting for this proc itself instead of actually wanting to run around and gun stuff down.

While the change is cool, I think you should halve the CD timer, halve the radius but keep the damage where it is. Or perhaps nerf that a little bit too.

Right now its just out of control :smiley:

I like meteor shower feeling like a meteor shower, but I knew I made it too strong. I’ll take a look at it and hotfix a change and then hopefully you’ll let me know what you think. Would appreciate it if you attach your character to a .zip so I can play with it, it will better let me judge meteor.

In the devotion tree “Bysmiel’s Bonds” is missing some nodes?

I’m at work now but I definitely will. I was playing with all faction gear, so that says something.

I’m not saying that the new animation and radius is bad, in fact I like the new changes. But the damage needs to come down a tad OR, the radius needs to be made smaller, maybe instead of 20yds or 16, it should be 10 or eight and knock the CD back to say, 15 seconds.

Just my two cents. I was running around and saying to myself, “when is the next meteor proc dammit.”

Well I figure I’ll post it anyway, but you beat me to it. Still decently strong and I still have issues with making a decision between using so many points to upgrade Cadence and get into the situation of using WSP to fill the gaps or just maintain it as my mainline at a 2 point investment and get other skills that have some utility.

Also good to hear about your dog. That stuff is always nerve wracking.

Edit: You also might want to check but I think I’m hitting 4 targets at a time, on occasion, after the patch.

That’s normal? Last time I checked ravage adds targets on top of the targets you already get from the base skill. I’ll check

I’m going to adjust the skill in increments. Remember cool down reduction does affect it. But I’m going to going to focus on lowering the dmg and cooldown. But if it’s hitting the whole screen it’s not going to be on that short a cool down so I may lower the radius a smidgen. Did you level it to 15? The cooldown goes down