GD debuffs burns my ass

my thoughts when playing SR or cruci naked and open char stats window

Oh, that is cry from the heart. I wanted to create this topic long time ago, and today I’ve lost my patience.

4200 hp, Carl!
my char have 11.7k in-game HP, 10.2 with -hp mod.

another examples

char in-game resistances
Fire 80+44
Lightning 80+59
Poison 80+32
Vitality 91+35
Chaos 80+36
59 lightning overcap even not enought to save 80 res on easy wave, lol

easy -700DA

And I just won’t say what amount of mobs can devide your damage by 2 or more.

Sorry, I should write this

just play arcanist ©

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Working as intended :stuck_out_tongue:

:zantai: indeed

While I don’t think that naked Crucible Gladiator 150-170 or Shards above 65 should be considered too heavily when balancing monsters, I agree that some debuffs that monsters have in Crucible are out of control. Mostly it’s Anasteria on wave 169 who just doesn’t care about your resist overcaps because unless they are overcapped by 80%+ she will shit on your parade. And then there is stuff like white Gargoyle mobs from Forgotten Gods that can debuff the shit out of you (and they are pretty fat on top of that). And who could forgett Spellbreaker heroes (or Kymon fanatics mages heroes) that sometimes spawn almost immune to Elemental damage.

I predict that Zantai will probably respond with “that’s endgame content and that’s your problem” or something, but I do want to point out that it’s always the weaker class combos and builds that suffer from those debuffs the most. If you are not playing with a powerful sub 7:30 minutes build, well, tough shit, you are going to get debuffed into oblivion because you can’t kill fast enough.

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I think they make creams for that.


omg… I was just going to post this:

but then I found this beautiful piece of work here:

and it brought tears to my eyes.


But please, consider looking into some of the debuffs that monsters have. Last time you have removed annoying healers from wave 163 playing Crucible became a more pleasant experience. It didn’t become easier, just bit more balanced.

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I know that feeling