GD featured in PC Gamer's "Best RPGs on PC"

Quite an honor IMO…

Only what it’s due. I saw another review for a different game a while ago that started with something like “In a genre dominated by games such as Grim Dawn, Path of Exile and D3 …”. So yeah, it’s making a big impact. :slight_smile:

Hopefully once Forgotten Gods is released Grim Dawn will receive much more attention. Even if the rogue-like dungeons are still the same Crate is adding Crucible Mutators plus a unique set piece that doesn’t drop anywhere else as well as challenge areas. Grim Dawn has 28 class combos, 16 damage types as well as the ability to convert one type to another as well as the entire devotion system. You really can’t find another ARPG/Isometric hack-n-slash with as much depth as GD.

PoE die-hards would burn you at the stake for saying that lol

But yeah considering I’ve owned GD since late 2014 and still pop in a couple times a week, speaks volumes.

I stopped playing POE once the devs killed my favorite builds with their “balances”. Loved my Righteous Fire Marauder, then GGG nerfed the elemental flasks that killed about 60% of the regen the flasks gave.

The only builds in POE are the ones the devs allow to be viable.

Not bad! Although it’s quite an extensive list haha… but hey, we’ll take it.

I should hope so! :smiley: Congratulations guys. Well deserved. Let’s hope it’s in the list for many years to come.

After looking through that list the challenge seems to be finding a game that was left out…

Plenty were left out, Titan Quest for one sadly.

To be fair GD was placed relatively high up on the list and that matters somewhat for readers. Ofc you deserve the top spot but as you said, we’ll take it!

if the new mastery delivers and game mode too , GD will surpass 3M copies, so please dear gods hear me:cool:

True that. Their definition of rpg is quite loose. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s what I said in the Titan Quest forum:

Wow! That’s some high praise for Grim Dawn, and the Expansion Pack Forgotten Gods is not even out yet. :smiley:

Whenever there’s a video game charts there’re always points of contention, you know. ^^ For instance when the game you love is not listed in the charts. Still this ranking is quite decent as a whole.

However PC Gamer’s definition of RPG is in the very broad sense, I mean in the charts you can actually find a lot of genres:

true RPGs (Pillars of Eternity, Planescape Torment, Arcanum…)

J-RPGs (Final Fantasy XII)

Hack’n’Slash (Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, DIablo III)

Hybrid First Person Shooters (Deus Ex, System Shock 2)

So in PC Gamer’s view, from the moment characters are customizable it qualifies as an RPG it seems. That’s a bit of a stretch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Titan Quest Anniversary didn’t cut it for some unfathomable reason. /o\

Diablo 2 didn’t make it either. You know I played this game a lot. But this year I re-installed but was totally put off by the graphics and the lackluster animations, I used to play this game every year or so. D2 graphics didn’t age well. So my point is: those recent rumors about a Diablo 2 Remake might be true…,

Mass Effect 2

Suprisingly PC Gamer only listed Mass Effect 2 and didn’t include ME1 and ME3. This is debatable but I do think the Mass Effect Trilogy should be taken as a whole. So for those who never tried it:

When you play Commander Shepard (male or female) you’re are totally immersed in this unique Sci-Fi Universe. The Story is gripping and the Team Members you gather along the way are unforgettable. Now granted ME1 (2008) has this old-school rpg feel to it (the dreaded inventory management and the Mako Trips) that can turn off casual gamers. BUT the trilogy is worth it because a lot of things you do or say in ME1 have an impact on ME2, and the same goes for ME3. So basically the dedicated player will play the Mass Effect Trilogy with the same save from Mass Effect 1 to 2 and 3. Believe me when doing a playthrough like that, you get a an unrivaled sense of accomplishment.

Note 1: technically you can play ME2 and ME3 without a previous save, but you would missing some memorable content.

Note 2: The Mass Effect 3 ending was a letdown. I remember Bioware even had to change the ending with a friggin’ DLC to clarify a few things. A frigging (free) Ending DLC. :rolleyes: But even after the Ending DLC the Ending was still disappointing.

However it is somewhat unfair when so many people on the Net judge Mass Effect 3, or even the whole Trilogy by the ending exclusively. I mean it’s not even 3% of the game(s).

at least south park wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: on the other hand, gd is placed above poe and grimrock, so thats pretty dope :smiley: (still under south park tho)

I appears PC Gamer has updated their article. Merged your thread, Ellium, into the existing one.