GD:Item Assistant in Depth Guide

I had some followers request that I make a tutorial on how to use the Grim Dawn Item Assistant (GDIA). After making the video guide, I figured I might as well make an in depth Steam Guide as well. The “tutorial” provided on the GDIA thread is well, not very good lol. But Grim Dawn Item Assistant is a vital tool to my smooth Grim Dawn experience.

If you’re new to Grim Dawn, you’ll soon find out that you want to keep a LOT of the items that drop, especially those juicy Legendaries! But, there will come a point where you run out of bank space and you’re left to do one of two things.

Either you’re going to start creating level 1 characters who’s sole purpose is to carry your crap. You’ll spend hundreds of thousands of iron bits on new bank tabs for these useless characters, and then you’ll proceed to have to “toon hop” between all these “mule” characters just to try and find an item; and believe me, you’ll spend a LOT of time hopping between mules to find the item you thought was on the last 3 mules.

Or, you could do the smart thing and use an Item Management addon. Grim Dawn Item Assistant. This will relieve you of the burden of having to create these useless mule toons, and make storing, and transferring items a breeze, and you’ll never run out of room as you’re storing your items on your PC instead of some overly cramped and vastly undersized bank tabs.

You can read the guide HERE. Or you can watch the video tutorial also provided at the top.

Hope this helps! If it does, be sure to thumbs it up =). Happy Gaming!
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Obs: Your guide will work for any version != of Grim Dawn.

The update broke a lot of functionality in stash tools, hopefully it’s fixed in the next GD update.

For there are some special requirements to not lose or duplicate items.