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This is come passing through my mind today at works that I used to make GD magazine back before the GD launch from Steam green light or whatever. I make that for fun coz i love reading through crate related articles back then and I think why not compiled it together as an extra fancy ebook. GD magazine vol 1 was born.

I used to post it at the forum so coming back at works i tried searching for it. Didn’t found it so i guess it got sweep during the discourse transition. Usually my stuff was intact in my pc coz even file dated back to 2001 still in my pc after numerous HDD transfer for almost two decades, but its so puzzling that I couldn’t find it anywhere. I guess my folder got buried somewhere but heck and then I remember maybe i shared it in my gdoc so viola I found it!

So here it is for those who love good read I hereby share this again. This is by no mean of personal promoting. I only do this for fun back then. You rarely see Med post anything these days and now you can hear his words compiled! It’s a good read be grateful y’all!

GRIM DAWN MAGAZINE:grava_yes::grava_yes::grava_yes:

ps: for those having problem download this, open the link in incognito. clearing browsing cookies also seem to fix the problem.

ah, i post it here because of ‘resource’. admin found anywhere better suit feel free to move but please no off-topic :yum:



I’m not one to read but that looks fantastic, can’t believe I never heard of this thing before


Desktop publishing professional? Looks great

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I’m honoured by the compliment but I am by no mean a professional. This is just me completely copying style in PC Gamer in my room at that time, and still here in my new apartment. The software used is old copy of adobe indesign (version not sure but maybe cs2).

I have my fun editing and compiling those while at the same time learning many editing technique. Kind of make me want to go at it again with all those Zantai MA and all those attentions along the 4 years after GD release but yeah, time jealous me.

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I’ve just finished reading your GD magazine. Very interesting reading indeed and brought up some warm memories from back ol’ days when GD was in an alpha state

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Very interesting! Never knew of the existence of GD magazine.

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So much info from the early days in those articles, thanks for post this again Alexei. Big M might even find some info in there for the Crate story he’s STILL writing. :rofl:

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Hahaha he better make sure to put this photo where they went to the first convention.:rofl::rofl:

Excellent job on that magazine @alexei! I remember when you posted it during the Alpha. Still looking amazing today and it’s great to have those interviews from the past to read through.

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Hope they have a better one than that because that picture of Medierra is awful. Nothing like him at all. :astonished:

I’m sure you prefer this one :rofl:

Damn, on this photo Big M and the other guy next to him are the definition of cool :sunglasses:

This is just fantastic. I was not an early adopter and being able to read about some of this stuff if wonderful. Thank you for sharing this.

Yeah, just cut big M out of that one and put him in the first. :laughing:

Glad you like it.

Thanks everyone who read the magazine.:grava_yes:

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