GD tattoo

Next i’m thinking some great looking stuff like Alladrah’s Phoenix, Blades of Nadaan, Spear of the Heavens,when i have some spare money.

Why that when you can have Gazer man!

Best of all you can use your nipple as the eye. :wink:

You are thinking too small, why just stop with one? :smiley:

May i propose this one :wink:

That would be great too, but still, no thx :smiley:

That’s pretty cool ! It’s abstract enough to not be too obvious that it’s from a game, so even in many years it will still look awesome :smiley: Kinda makes me wanna have one haha

I agree, it looks pretty cool.

So what stops you? And if you wanna have this one, you’ll have it easier, because you don’t have to pretty much convert it from isometric, you have my back to use :smiley:

But yes, a lot of devotions look really cool and good as tatoos.

I know some devs and mods saw this and if you see this too, i’d like to ask you for a favor. I was looking at Divine Mandate animations and it has potential too, so if it’s possible, would you disclose some pictures of how it actually looks as a whole?If it looks good i might use it for another tattoo.
I know it might be in game data,but i suck at data mining.