GD tattoo

So does anybody else have Grim Dawn tattoo or is just me?
My first,have for year and something now.
Also devotions look like great material for tattoos. At least in my opinion.

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Wow! Cosplay and now this. :smiley:

I am gonna get a nice tattoo of Zentai later

And how will that work? :smiley:

Pax East 15 thread with photo - easy peezy. :wink:

There are also Z streams, lower quality images but more up to date looks.

i think i’m the only male over 30 without any tatoo in this flat/spheric planet.


Sleeve tattoos when! :smiley:

Nope, you’re not. :stuck_out_tongue:

trying to convince my wife to get a Yugol tat

Wow, very cool!

One cat on my left arm, Zentai on my right arm, and Loghorrean on my chest

It’s ZANtai, Bob, ZANTAI.

I bet he means Zantai in zentai :slight_smile:

I’m very afraid to ask where that tatoo is gonna be…

What what!


on my tattoo it will read Zentai

and I will have User_name_03 on my palm

Yugol, The Insatiable Night…


That should clue you in.

I’m very afraid to ask where that tatoo is gonna be…

That information is private.

The only question is front or back.