GD V1008 BD 【 Aether Ray Caster 】

tanking Fabius
kill time :50S
keywords: tanking; Spiritual; Fragile; Surviability

50 s is looong time for Fabius.

stability is more important. At least all BDs in current time should consider how to survive Crucible rather than just adding up damage.

I agree, this setup also can facetank and drop Fabius but in less than 40 sec:

Tho didn’t tried it in yet, timer and stats are from
Pic is w/o judic signet proc.

nice gear combo …

but I don’t invest in physique for any casters as a habit. No spirit for a caster? cannot take it.

Also don’t invest in devastation since this skill is way too popular.

third habit, none of my BD relies on monster infrequents since they are hard to acquire

Raising damage to shorten time in the main game is never challenging.
back in time, I still remember when people were fighting over terminating Fabius in secs. But with the release of Crucible, that show is gone.
All BDs now will have to adapt to gladiator difficulty to be successful ratter than being fun.

though very curiously, what’s the performance with your BD ? can you make a video or something?


I completely disagree with this as crucible is flat out boring. Seeing the same damn background over and over and over. Really wish they would have implemented more backgrounds and have them randomnly switch every wave. Different people will enjoy different things tho I guess

cannot agree more… But it exists as a fact that players can test their BD… no matter what philosophy used to build them.
like for mine, caster BD heavily invests in spirit, , seemingly fragile, but capable to conquer Gladiator.

I agree with you that’s a great feat, just don’t see builds being made for Ultimate farming as unsuccessful just because they didn’t complete Crucible with ease and top tier speed :slight_smile:

Thx :slight_smile:

Well I respect that, but stability vise is not smart not to invest in physique on casters.

I also didn’t took devastation for this build.

Only Mi this build uses is chest armor, you can change it for iskandra and invest few more points in conversion, change few augments and you will be fine. I took it because of kings suffix and better energy regen.

I cant agree on that I make and play all of my builds to have fun with them :slight_smile:

I dont understand what do you mean by performances?
Unfortunately cant make any videos.

Hey, JoV, when you make a post with that warlock at last?? :slight_smile: I`ve seen this picture like 10 time on the forum, but without support information)

P.S.: killing Fapius per 20 sec and this is not a best time, I like cold spellbreakers in :slight_smile:

true indeed. investing in physique is an easy take .
at least for this game investing in physique to gain more DA is absolute right for defense and physical damage reduction.
but it just seemed wrong and messed up how this game designs spirit ; that a caster requires no spirit.

what i mean by performance is that i am curious about your skills. your DPS is 115342. what’s assigned to it?

can you post more about your BD? like masteries and skills, and devotion thanks

I hope he doesn’t or something might get nerfed and i know that he knows this as well :wink: (Sorry people but no build poster likes to see hours of work go to waste in a single patch, not referring to Why would i be? :rolleyes:)


Nice to see you’re still around ABC. I thought you quit :eek:
I loved your pet build, is it still viable?

Aether ray, and sorry that’s all I can tell for now.

Dont want it to be nerfed at least not yet :slight_smile:

Yep cold SBs are really buffed by this patch tho DW BMS are killed by it :undecided:

May you send me grimcalc in PM then?? :slight_smile:

reedit wrong input

edit 2: there might be two issues with your bd, from your dps, you obviously have heavily invested skill points to AETHER RAY. with your current energy, it’s still very tight. second issue, this BD is obviously main game BD, still need to adjust if applying it in the Crucible

from what i can tell , this bd is also insufficient with life/energy leech, entrapment and frezze resistance.

also with the consumption with heavily invested aether ray, it’s almost impossible to facetank fabius with 40s. actually you can go about 20s with your energy and potion usage.

i’ ll send you a few screenshots

It has enough energy for 45 sec of constant AAR on dummy so w/o energy adsorption from enemy spells.
Here are some pics to see other stats:

P.S. In crucible it never runs out of energy :wink:

You could’ve pm’d him