GD2 - Crate should stay silent or not?

Now with POE 2 announced along with Diablo 4? Do you think Crate should remain silent?

They have other projects in their mind, I bet they want something else to do than GD all the time.

they proved enough m8 you always complain calm down grim dawn did alot already 10000 times better than diablo 2 and they add 5 dungeons and a new roguelike also there will be secrets for sure i only wish there was a world boss for more that 4 players could fight like an event every 2 weeks or smth it would be cool

Cratecon when? :woozy_face:


Why do you think they should say anything if they haven’t even decided if they’ll do a GD2? The team are getting burnt out so nothing is going to happen for a few years and then it’ll be a few years more before we hear anything about it I expect.

Medierra’s more interested in a range of games for their portfolio than wearing everyone into the ground doing the same stuff year on year on year and relying on just the one game. It’s been said enough times you should know that by now.

24th May 2019 stream:

"DarkOmeh: do you have a date at least when you think to announce that you start working for GD2? @CrateEntertainment

If we started working on Grim Dawn 2 we would not tell you until we are well along with Grim Dawn 2."

Since GD1 still isn’t quite finished it’s going to be a while before they make any decisions.


I do think the timing is right if they ever make a GD2 in a few years. Because people than have already played D4 and POE2.

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Riot Games made their second game after 10 years :scorv: So we can wait, no problem :laughing:


Lets see what sort of fiasco the proposed Diablo 4 is going to be?
The trailers look nice, but who knows what the playability will be like.
Diablo 3 was the same, looks astounding, playability MEH!

Crate has already successfully captured most of the disappointed Diablo 3 players who were looking for an updated Diablo 2.

If I was Crate, I would sit back and watch what this Diablo 4 is going to be and (I personally suspect just another dumbed down kiddie runner) then take a decision if GD2 is viable.

I am a long time fan of the Diablo releases, but Grim Dawn knocks the socks off Diablo 3.
Diablo 4 must be something very special to change this.


Yes they should, because game development isn’t a dick measuring contest.


All those “d4 AnD pAtH oF eXiLe 2 WaS aNNouNceD, wHaT yOu DeVs aRe GonNA dO aBoUt iT?” comments I’ve seen lately make me roll my eyes.


I hope that Crate takes all the time they need. And the right moment that they feel is the time to start on GD2.

Anyway i am really excited to hear more about the town builder game, or whatever it has evolved into. :crate:


This. +1.

That said I’ll lay you odds that Crate doesn’t remain silent. In fact i bet they make an announcement in the next couple weeks. A very big announcement. I’d even give you reasons WHY they’ll RELEASE this DATEd announcement.

And i cannot friggin wait!!!


That’s the correct question. Tri beer pong Grim Dawn festival.

And costume competition. Dressing like Inquisitor Creed is useless though. Maybe Cronley?

Anyway doubt Crate can try to compete against Blizzard.

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Watching Exilecon all I could think to myself was “Man, look at all that standing around. Not seeing the appeal.”

I’d so attend a Cratecon though, even if we wouldn’t have Einhar ramblings of our own.

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I do not think Crate should announce anything just because GGG and Blizz did. They should announce it when there is something to say about it, not before.

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I think they should w/e tf they want :stuck_out_tongue:

Crate’s been a great game developing company. And I’m sure if they do decide to return to GD2, us fanatics will find out about it one way, or another.

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Not if they manage to move to an even shittier forum software first.

Ho-oh, gottem!

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(PTSD Flashbacks)


let crate do their other projects. a few years when people are disappointed or burned out from diablo 4 and poe2 or other new stuff like them, that’s the perfect moment where crate will jump in yo face and shotgun you with crates upon crates of gd 2.