GD2 - Crate should stay silent or not?

Compared to…what exactly?

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quite high for an indie company like Crate but quite low if we want GD2 to become a full fledge ARPG exp with brand new engine to match other brands. Moar money is needed for gd 2, we cant be happy using same reskinned engine and animations all over again. sigh we can only hope this town builder helps them

Which brands? Compete with PoE/Diablo?
Why should they even try this?

Let´s wait if there is any ARPG in the next years which gets the attention of players and why it gets it. At the moment, I don´t see another “star” on the heaven.

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Hey guys if i can give my opinion too :).Crate should definitly keep up the good work and start thinking about GD 2.GD is a product the is PERFECT on many lvls and i dont think things should stop here.I know it will not be close but when you are good at making something that people love you should continue to give them MOAR of it :).I know it will take some time its normal but dont pls dont stop here…Its not about the competition… Its about the great thing that GD is.And what is better than Grim dawn? 2 Grim dawns :slight_smile:

So you want them to waste money on advertising that could be spent on GD2 in the future? Great logic there. I expect they may do another free to play weekend at some point and Zantai’s said that he thinks Medierra will do a bundle of the game some time in the future as well. Plus there will continue to be sales. Also, don’t forgot the Xbox angle. And then there are those possible GD related games Medierra mentioned a while back as well, they could make one or two of those in the coming years.

As for memes attacking other companies, this from November last year:

So it’s not a full fledged ARPG now? Could have fooled me.


sorry wrongly worded. I mean modern arpg experience cause let’s admit GD is already showing signs of aging.

ok let’s wait for xbox and hello kitty project to fund GD2 which will prolly take at least 5 years to even start in development because of them not being aggressive smh

Can you just chill out for two freaking seconds and stop flooding the forum with your crappy advice to Crate


Modern ARPG experience like what? D3/4 and PoE? Always online? Microtransations for stuff? GD was partly sold on being an old school ARPG. Not saying that things can’t change, Zantai’s said himself it might depend on whether they go for a different engine or keep upgrading this one. Medierra had this to say in another thread too:

"The only thing really limiting us from replacing all of the engine components over time is that it has to support the art we’ve already created and we’re sort of obligated to support older versions of directX because we supported them with the initial release and people running older systems wouldn’t be able to play if we didn’t.

Another issue is that a lot of what people interpret as being the look of the engine is actually the look of the art itself and how it was made."


it may be crappy but I aint flooding mate? I haven’t even posted that much anymore smh. Are praetorians this harsh? :sob:ok fair enough medea your pretty much like Cratespokes person so you are probably right. Now back to playing, I probably wont speak my crappy mind anymore since this forum aint friendly at all. Back to watching crappy dragonball i guess

Just because people disagree with you, does’t mean they’re not friendly. You have the holy Paladin’s zeal for the game and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Crappy or not…the problem is that nobody (not counting Crate itself) knows about the goals, the financial situation, the plans, etc.

Promoting just for “Promoting” doesn´t have to be something good. It´s all about the RoI. And I don´t just think about money, but time, etc, too.

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It’s not so much that we get harsh… it’s that after a while El Zantai rubs off on us and we tend to simply be ultra-realistic concerning the reality of how things actually go versus the fantasy that some of you prefer to try to feed yourselves :wink:

We don’t bring you down to be mean… we’re just as big of fans as everyone else around here - probably bigger in most cases actually. You don’t sit around giving Crate hell for year after year and not figure out how shit actually works. Well, some people don’t but I ain’t some people.

Don’t worry about it much tho. When Crate is ready to say something they’ll say it and not until that point.


Dont worry I dont mean anything. I know Crate knows their stuff and Im just a paranoid random dude here who becomes anxious when im not seeing Crate live up to their full deserved potential but just my opiniom anyway which im not actually entitled to and have no rights to begin with as Im a just a small time member, a crappy personality I have turned to be the more so since. i have stopped worshipping paladins.

I hope at the end of the day they continue making the games we love so we can continue to thrive here discuss “crappy things” till our last breath.

Crate give us 3 expansion and I’ll be very happy. This time snow, mountains.


Well, one thing Crate has already achieved for me:

Whatever they will make in the future, it will be like this:


im going crazy so please dont even start discussing an expansion :rofl:

There is only one solution: Titan Quest 2 - Immortal Gods

to be honest I would prefer that myself over a GD2 cause i would like to see Crate’s take on a different setting. But we know its not happening due to a different company holding rights to that title now

Exactly. Crate bought the rights to use the old TQ engine, but Iron Lore never owned the rights to TQ in the first place. That was owned by THQ who they made the game for. Nordic bought those rights when TQH folded some years back.

Crate is a small team. Give them sufficient time to recharge as long as they need. I’m sure GD2 would be more than great until they make a announcement in the future. It’s worth waiting.