Gear drops in ultimate at level 1?

Does gear drop at all? I’m level 5 and have gotten zero items to drop from any enemy at all?
Loot filter is set to show everything including white items.

Never realized how much I hate the shiv until I am still using it at level % :frowning:

Have you tried pressing the “k” button?

its not that because a couple potions dropped and like 2 component pieces from boxes. just no enemy has dropped any items at all.

Only items I have gotten is from the guaranteed items like Francis gun

Level 7 now and no enemy has dropped an item at all. only items I get are from clickable containers like barrels and chests

Loot filter settings?

Already set :wink:

Edit… Try verifying the files?

on the bright side I have never bought a health potion before today :slight_smile:

Always good to double check to see if something else wasn’t checked and it was overlooked. :wink:

Might have just been really bad rng as once I went into burial cave and wacked reanimator for 3 minutes with my shiv loot started dropping from enemies.

Sad to realize that I probably won’t be able to play 100% ssf tho as I forgot how expensive shrines are in Ultimate :slight_smile:

**edit and they weren’t kidding how fast you level if you turn in quests :slight_smile:
went from 8 to 19 turning in Reanimator, opening door and doing the spirit guide quest

You might visit the Church of RNGesus and do some supplicating! :slight_smile:

It took a few levels for my lv.1 Ultimate runner to get a drop. They exist - just not as frequent as we’d hope. Plus side, you get some good iron drops to go buy some gear.

The balance is well “strange”.

I did some cubi runs and reached level 12… than i started ultimate …

Hard but doable. … i did the first quest and all “klick quests” in town … went from level 15 to 26.

The next monster i meet was not fun :undecided: