Gear lag alot resist

Running an occultist/shaman pet build using Natures call and bysmials trinkets. On ultimate all resistens full equipment result in
-5% Elemental resist (cold fire lightning)
2% Poison resist,
-12% Pierce resist,
20% Bleeding resist,
64% Vitality resist,
-11% Aether resist
0% Stun resist
-12% Chaos resist…
And this is with the buff by skills.

This combination need alot more resist. You cant overcome this with components, and rely on your devotion to solve it since it will make you suffer for important devotions for the build.
This is made by Mystical Natures reglia.
The elemental resist on chest should be around 40-50% to make it more reasonable. Make 30% poison resist on helm wich dont have any resist on it.
Make 30% Chaos resist on the ring that gives to Chaos and the other ring that gives Aether resist, should be raised to 30% aswell then you still have to struggle to cap the resists.

As it is now its just useless defensive wise.
Why make these 2 sets wich fit together not being an option.

Check out some of the builds by @sigatrev or @Maya. I’m quite sure they have all their resistances overcapped in every build they posted. In my limited experience with pet conjurers the only problem was chaos and pierce.

yeah lets make gearing in this game even more trivial! “put on set and win” should be enough :stuck_out_tongue:

This post is made with the 2 sets in mind I use you cant cap resistens while using these 2 sets, posts using other sets, dosnt change the fact these 2 sets need resists. Even after using components and arguments + devotion, I still need more aether, elemental chaos and poison resist.

So when cant upgrade it more then what? its not about making game trivial, this game is so much focused on resist cap to handle, and when you cant cap it you are doomed on ulimate.

Can’t you just link your build and we can give feedback? Perhaps you are missing something

I havent tryed use the Grim tools thing, so not sure how it works, I have played 2080 hours and have tryed all builds and setups, and havent come across any sets that need resist as much as those here. But I guess these items does not fit together after all.
But if its to much to ask for gear options then i just make another build then, just thought these 4 jewelery would be nice to use, the old setup worked with the other items, it was just to try something new, but the return punish you so I can just conclude its not working.
And it have nothing to do with my build. The places i can get resist in my build i have used.

Don’t tell me you have 2.8k hours and have never used Grim Tools calc :stuck_out_tongue:
It is easy:

I have never had the need of using it, I have just tryed stuff and used builds from other players aswell, my hours of play have nothing to do with not using Grim tools. Its not need to play the game…

No but it do save you lot of time and energy by planning the build with that tool.

Yea could be usefull, the game didnt have it the first 1500 hours I played the game so have learned to do it without. :slight_smile:

To upload your character to click the ‘up arrow’ button in the upper-lefthand corner. If you have cloud saves enabled (enabled by default) your save file will be in \Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata########\219990\remote\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Otherwise it will be in \Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\save\main_{character name}\player.gdc

Then click on the icon below the arrow and copy the link shown to paste here.

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Beastcaller has poor resistances by itself, yes, but you should be able to compensate with other sources. Chances are that something basic is missing, be it components, augments, skills, or other pet items.

I recommend using @sigatrev’s grand variety of Beastcaller / Bysmiel setups from his Elemental Beastcaller’s Conjurer thread as a point of reference.

You are supposed to also use components, devotions and augments to shore up resistances. I have a Beastcaller/Bysmiel Conjurer and i have no problems capping resistances, some are even overcapped to hell.

I have used components, arguments and devotion, as I did write in one of my replys. But dosnt matter now have made a non pet build instead.

Why would you even care about player stats in a pet build? I never care about those and I always perform like I’d be the best player in the world. Sometimes a little worse if I sleep while playing.

This is a troll thread, right?

  • No GT link and somehow uses 2 Sets that cannot be used at once (you can use 1 full set and another partial one though)
  • Has a problem with capping resistances…
  • Says Full Mythical Beastcallers is useless defensive wise…
  • Needs more poison resistance on a Conjurer…
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Where is Pete? The world’s best conjurer player with negative resistances

Yeah, OP could learn a thing or two from him :yum:

Don’t mean to be hostile but if you played 1.5k hours you would’ve learned that occultist got Aspect of the Guardian that makes poison res a non-issue for both the player and the pets.

Beastcaller with partial Trinkets might or might not need a delicate rebalance of res but to any experienced playing calling out for 200% more res on a build really sounds like trolling.

I used to have a Beastcaller Pet Ritualist and I had no issue capping resistances. OP sounds like he’s full of shit. GT link or never happened.