Gearing while levelling

Hi, I am looking for advise on how to pick gear.

More specifically, gear usually has certain stats it can roll in others diablo like which makes evaluating a certain piece of gear good or bad depending if it has the most desired stats that may be only obtainable on this slot for example; is there such a thing in Grim Dawn?

I’m starting elite and I would like to know a bit more about targeting gear for specific purpose like health, resistances and such would be easier if they all have ‘preferred’ slots?

Basically looking for a slot to slot stats to get if such a thing exists or maybe the other way around, where are resistances most effective exct

So far it didn’t seem like there was much of a pattern and just relied on luck for a piece to drop some resist plus other useful roll so I’m here to learn if there’s anything more than just equipping the best item you find for the slot, given I can recognise such an item seeing as I don’t know all the rolls for slots yet.

Thanks in advance

Maybe this site will help?
It even has affixes and suffixes and you can check by item category.

Most affixes/suffixes aren’t tied to one item type.
However, augments you can get are always tied to item type (mostly rings/amulets), with the exception of Lvl70 ones.

compared to other games this game has no BiS setup. alhough some try to think there is. In the end a lot of people use Badge of Master and Avatar of Mercy to get most of the resists in two slots and free up the other slots for other stuff. But really… all items have health/resists. as well as components and augmentations. It is a puzzle at times to get the best setup.

I personally just prioritize the resists specific too certain areas while leveling while maintaining the rest at a base line.

I tend to use Tinker’s Ingenuity and Badge of Mastery. Tinker’s is very handy for resists. Components and Augments can aid resistances as well. I think Crate said something about making Resists easier to get after the expansion…Not sure what they meant by that though.