I can’t say I’m that damn good in arpg but I’ve started from the age of floppy disks.
Tried just about anything and everything the genre spawned. From Diablo to Sacred, PoE (still playing on/off.) And the way to finding this game as a topic hidden in the corners of

Yea, I’m in the near 40s now. Seeing so many games alike, I think everyone here should have a few pet peeves about their fave titles here I guess. So do I, no…
No, it’s not another rant thread and it’s far from that. I bought the game last year and seeing the changes this past week after a random Steam news update made me changed my reviews about the game so much from then. It almost looked liked a different game to me now. Good to know I’ve secured my Patron Pack.

Peace out.

PS: Sept, 1st!

Hello Geckt

And welcome to the forum and Grim Dawn, always nice to see some experienced ARPG players here on the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you, man that b20 update in the morning caught me offguard.