general discussion in Italian

There is a general discussion in Italian or can I write here in English?

just write in english there is no italian general discussion.

Ciao e buon gaming.

I realized then I apologize in advance for my bad English. There are now two areas in which I can not access. The first zone is located at the “mansions Burrwitch”. On the right there should be a secret area in which there is a dungeon called “river passage” which comes out then a little higher up next to the zone “Eastern swamp.” The other area that I can not access is where there is the boss “guardian of solael” I presume that leaves an object to enter the dungeon “Marked stone” located precisely in the eastern swamp.
I hope I was very precise. Unfortunately I do not know how to send screen here.

Can you help me figure out how to do?

Many thanks in advance.