General Question about Itemization

So this thread will probably have a few questions as time goes on, However I am new to the game kind of. I played in beta but only gave it a half chance. Now I have returned and have put 30 hours in the last 3 days in.

My first question is, I play Hardcore so i am trying to be as tanky as possible. I have two belts to choose from:

Yellow belt: 16% Ele Resistance

blue belt: x%dmg, x offensive and defense ability, and % increased regen to both health and energy.

I do have resistances already on my gear besides the bottom row of resists none are lower than 20% should I keep the 16% or is the regen better?

Could you elaborate a little more? IE are you in Normal, Elite…? Do you have a base hpreg strong enough to make that % matters? Assuming you are only stacking the bonus from the belt, ofc. Well, give us more info :slight_smile:

frizzicks is pretty good i used it for a while

you can get plenty of resists elsewhere and if you really need those resists there are several devotions that can give you them.

He gave enough information to identify the items so im guessing hes on normal/vet.

My bad, I didn’t see he said it was a blue belt. Anyway, I agree, you should be fine wit the blue. Health regeneration is (or was, I didn’t try the last patch yet so I don’t know if they nerfed it) pretty strong in normal… I rushed Vindictive Flame and Act I and half Act II were easy peasy, and I wasn’t even running a HPreg build.

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