Generic Resistance debuff - what damage types are included?

With skills like Acid Spray, which reduces a targets “resistances”, what resistance types are included? I’ve learned it does not include all resistances, such as life, CC, but does it include physical or piercing? Does it include everything on the front page including stun or everything but stun?

All except crowd control.

Really? So does it also include life leech and energy leech resistance? Or are these under crowd control group?

I’ve been told they do not help those, which is why ADCTH is not helped against resistant mobs, other than allowing you to do more damage.

All at crowd control group, include stun.

What is NOT considered the crowd control group. Not all are obvious. Life leach and energy leach do not sound like crowd control. If it’s the 3rd page resists, that would mean it doesn’t help physical resists either.

Let me post this pic again

Where is physical resists in that list? For the English version of the game, that -101% resist is physical. Is Stun not included?

All damage resistances are included (physical too). CC resistances (stun, slow, etc), life/energy leech and life reduction are NOT included (as far as i know).

Thanks guys. I’m trying to decide what resistance debuffs I need for my DK. This should help.