Get rid of level restriction on illusions/xmogs

While it’s good and proper that the illusionary menu is account wide, part of it’s existence is made moot by the restriction that low level characters cannot choose items that are above their level.

For example, if I’m leveling up a level 50 alt, I shouldn’t have to wait until it’s level 94 before I can use the Kriegs set illusions.

As much as I like to sometimes rail on D3, the xmog system is one of their features that’s superior to this current iteration in GD.

This would be really great.

It wouldn’t be fitting if you could wear high level gear at a low level - as I see it, the current system allows you to look like another character at that level. Imagine a level 1 in full endgame gear - that’d just look weird.

Personally, I think that it can stay as is - although I swear there are options to dress in “Mythical” or “Empowered” gear, which surely looks the same as the base item (but require higher levels to use…)

Also, Gazer Man can be put over your chest at level 1, so really there is no complaint :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re not actually wearing that gear… That’s the point of it being an illusion. It gives the player a choice at customizing their look at whatever level they want to. All about freedom of choice, man. If you think it looks weird on a level 1 character, then you would obviously not choose to wear it. Other players aren’t going to feel the same way you do…

Of course, I’m just voicing my opinion on the matter, but that’s not to say it’s the only opinion.

I mean, StubbornMule is right. I think the same. Illusion is not the actual armor. Unlocking illusions by reaching a certain level is kind of a bad idea (to avoid saying that it’s retarded :P). Why do we need to have a certain level and not the other requirements like physique? If you want to go with “realism”, make it require stats, not level. Heavy armor is heavy, overall experience won’t help to wear a particular heavy armor when you’re not strong enough. But then again, it’s an illusion. Not the actual armor.

Also note, you can’t just simply change your look every time you go back to the illusionist as it cost money. Money is easy to get, but kind of hard on lower levels (still can get help from other characters by giving duplicates of items to the stash and selling it with the other character). You don’t get as many rare items and they don’t cost that much, while illusions for the whole set cost much.

I mostly wear Lokarr illusions till 94 because there’s nothing else I like. I either look like a clown or I just don’t like any lower level items (I don’t have every item unlocked for illusions). Also, if you find a Soulrend, why would it require level 94 when the same exact item is for level 75 too? Get a Sousplitter, there’s even a 30 level version that does the same stuff the level 94 does. Why would I wait till level 94 to use it (implying we got the mythical version)?

Sometimes, illusions are the thing that brings (or holds) us to play a particular character. We like Krieg set look, we get it, we like Ravager’s hat, we get it, we like something else that is on level 94, we get it because this illusion makes us wanna play the character even more.