Get stuck in random places

Hello everyone,

recently I get stuck in random places when I play Grim Dawn. Occasionally my character completely freezes. I can’t use any skills anymore, I can’t open a portal, I can’t do anything when it happens, but close and reload the game. All hotkeys stop working, clicking on skills has no effect, I can’t open menus, etc.
The game still runs though. I got stuck in multiplayer sessions several times and I could still see everything around me happening without any lags.

It happened to me in Shattered Realms as well as on the normal map. Sometimes near walls, but sometimes also on plain terrain or on a dungeon’s hallway. It seems to be completely random.

I have no clue what this could be about. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I verified my game files via Steam, everything looks fine.

All the relevant drivers I could think of are up to date.

I assumed it could be a problem only with my main character (level 100) and one of its skills, but recently it happened with a totally different character as well. So I doubt it is about a skill being buggy.

Can you guys help me investigate this problem? Any logs I could provide, when it happens next time?

Can you elaborate on what places and with what skills? Do you have any controllers plugged in?

This is obviously not a widespread issue, so whatever the cause is must be specific, or perhaps not even caused by a particular combination of skills and location but the inputs or the hardware.

It sounds like you’re playing in windowed mode and Grim Dawn window lost focus, so it doesn’t receive input any more.

I play a build based on Vire’s Might with cooldown reduction. So I spam Vire’s Might a lot and quickly.
I had the same bug once with another character, but with Vire’s Might I had it most of the time.

The bug occurs randomly anywhere in on the game map. I can’t see a pattern there at all.

I use the GD Item Assistant mod, but I don’t see how it could have anything to do with the bug.

Recently I started to think it might be more of a server / hosting problem, since I play Grim Dawn in online Multiplayer most of the time. But still, this bug is strange… I don’t lose connection or something like that.

As I mentioned above, it’s really hard for me to point at anything.
That is why I hoped there are some log files that could help to investigate the problem.

playing in full screen mode.
interesting idea though… I will try to tab out of the game and tab in again next time. And see if that changes anything.

Are there any significant files left, when I uninstall Grim Dawn from Steam, that I could delete manually to make sure I get a clean new installation after that? I didn’t have this bug before. Either my Vire’s Might character or some other changes to the game created it.

My Documents - My Games - Grim Dawn. Delete the Grim Dawn folder if you haven’t done that yet.

but move/backup your saves first if you turned cloud saving off in game/moved to local saves

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