Ghol Set : -20% Posion RR could be on Bone Harvest rather then Devouring Swarm

Not sure if it’s mechanically possible to do what i propose, but DS is just annoying on this set. Investing on it for minor duration gains is a luxury so you mostly end up with about 3.4 sec lasting DS which doesn’t feel good to cast all the time and it’s an extra button on an already pianoish pet build. Set already supports Bone Harvest and it cannot be abused by other playstyles (non-pet) as it’s a 4 piece bonus so i think switching the RR from DS to Bone Harvest should be considered.

It’s not, gotta be on a debuff
If you want to move it, it should be within the same mastery to respect the original idea, so Wind Devil, which is not too far-fetched since there’s also a conduit for acid damage+RR Wind Devil

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