Ghoul doesnt work

after a long pause i made new build, based on panetti’s missle, take Ghoul from devotion three and see, that Ghoulish hunger doesnt work for any my spells, like missle. devastation or frost nova.
Im sure, it worked well on my previous build based on throsand shard. and it working for my friend who playing nightblade. So it has been nerfed and works only for meele atacks? or im doing smth wrong?

It has not been nerfed and has only worked for % weapon attacks since the beginning. The only exception is when it’s on a specific spell, like sigil of consumption or wendigo proc.

For Attack damage converted to health you need a any source of % weapon damage, Be it melee spell like callidor tempest or devotions like fiend.

And PRM is one of the few skills with NO % weapon damage.

It works wonders. But yes, I guess as everyone said you need “weapon damage” for it to work. It also says “attack speed” so I think it does not affect casting speed.